Sunday, December 1, 2013

Delayed Nov Meeting was productive

How nice to be able to get together and get some things accomplished... After diligently working over the past 10 months on this one (creativity takes time as no pattern was used), it's nice to get this pin-basted and partially machine-quilted at the meeting. I'll finish it at home and the binding is all pieced (scrappy blues), so trimming and sewing it one will be done by the end of Thanksgiving weekend. Hope to hand sew the binding (second edge) during my favorite show on Sundays (The Amazing Race).

Ready to be pin-basted.

 As usual, two of my most ardent sewers, brought in some finished quilts (just need a label). Mary Ellen named this at the meeting and we got it blessed at the Sunday service the following weekend.
Mary Ellen's "How Green is my Valley"

Backing is like the wine country
Not sure what to name this one, but it seems like it should have something to do with 4-patches, baby blue blocks, etc... something. I think it will be "4-Patch Hopscotch"
Kathy's baby quilt

This was an easy one of Kathy's to name...lots of lovely 9-patch blocks surrounding a cute hummingbird couple.
Kathy's "Hummingbird 9-Patch"

Center block of the quilt above

This was brought is as a top, so we'll add it to the pile that we'll sandwich in January. I needed to have someone count the quilts that need to be sandwiched for the "Sandwich Style" meeting, but I've since forgotten how many... I'm sure it's close to 12. (This one may have 'wrinkles in the borders', but I'll check it out later. Will probably name it, "Vintage Purple Diamonds"
Kathy's quilt made from Marilyn's fabric blocks.
I have a number of our 'excess quilts' that will be going to Janice Grimes who is heading the Quilts for Compassion group and they will go to comfort those affected by the recent Tornadoes in IL and the midwest. I'll be posting which of our quilts get sent in the next post.