Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pre-March mtg

Okay ladies, for those who saw my selvedge quilt and liked the idea, here is Karen Griska's selvedge blog.... check out some of the great ideas she has on it. Scroll down when you get to this site.

The QOV quilts were delivered to CO.
The Happy blocks were delivered (all 323 of them). (I had quite a few that couldn't be sent because of poor construction --less than 1/4" seam, curved seams, too small a block, etc. I don't remember who did them (menopause memory) and I don't want to know. I will just bring them to the next mtg to show everyone what we need to watch out for. I'll let you know how to fix the problems, so if you recognize the block as yours, you will know how to correct it for future blocks. I'm not saying this to criticize anyone or hurt feelings, but we must remember that the people we are sending quilts to may not be able to 'fix' a pulled seam, or a rip (due to poor construction) expecially after these quilts have been washed a few times, so we need to make sure that we make them WELL. I didn't have time to take them apart and 'fix' them, so we'll use the ones that were too small in a 6.5" block
In the future, when we make a certain size block, measure the block after trimming and adjust any 'short' seams before turning them in, or make it oversize and we'll trim at the mext mtg.

Bring any envelope blocks that you've made (please measure them before bringing them-- they should be 5.5" x 7.5"). We will be laying them out and see how we want to join them (sashing, what color could make them blend, etc).
We will be taking a look at the quilts that are in various stages and finishing them before we start any others. (Don't I ALWAYS say this, then we start some fun thing or another....LOL).

I will bring the chenille scarf that I was showing you all at the last mtg. (I have directions for those who want them), I also have a mini sample that you all can try cutting with scissors and a chenille cutter to see the difference).

For those who don't know, our church is having a 'Quilt-a-thon" on March 24th from 9am-2pm (Tues). All are welcome, bring a friend, your lunch (drinks and dessert will be provided) and stay as short or long as you want. This year, I CAN'T make it, but think of me...) (Maybe we can make a few tops to have them finish at the quilt-a-thon.
Also, since we always meet at night, would you all be interested in getting together one Sunday afternoon a month, say from noon-4, to sew? Just flat out sewing, no lessons, no 'meeting', just sewing.....? If you think you'd like that, we could check with Sandy every month to see what's available. Just a thought.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Block count, and QOVs

I have a final count soon of the Happy Blocks that we're making for HeartstringsQuiltProject for their March Sew-in. Marilyn just called with another 45 or so...which puts her at 100+ alone! Lorraine made at least 140... (drum roll, please....) 323! If we put them into a top that would be over 6 tops!! I'm sending them Thursday to Mary at Heartstringsquiltproject.
I also sent off two QOV quilts to Alycia in CO for her "No Soldier's Forgotten Project". This will put our group at three quilts for them. (They are being sent with tops, backs, binding already pieced together and ironed, and batting).
I have the Brindisi baby's quilt all packaged up and ready to deliver tomorrow. I may hand-deliver it, since we are off to Boston to have lunch with my oldest for her birthday (on Monday). Quarter of a century!

Friday, February 6, 2009

New quilt request

Our group has had a new quilt request put in by Father Paul, for a friend of his in NH, who just got diagnosed with brain cancer. He's an attorney, in his late 40's early 50's... It is not a good prognosis. I thought we had a brown and blue heartstrings quilt (above) that was able to go to him immediately, but I think it's too small for an adult male. I'd like to call this one, "Reflections of the sky in my own little puddle". We have a blue, B&W HS quilt in the makings.... maybe that should be the one he gets.
We also got a lovely thank you from Barbara W. for the quilt we gave her granddaughter. I'll share it at the next mtg.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb mtg

Well, it didn't seemed like we got anything done at our mtg (productive-wise on our quilts), but the ladies did GREAT on their Happy Blocks for the HeartstringsQuiltProject.
Most of them were done at home and they brought them in.... I thought I did well to do 21, but Margaret did 37, Marilyn did 72 and Lorraine did 147!! Well, Mary, you'll be getting a lot for the Sew-In in March. I may take a look at them and see if we can't put some together for a top or two.

Two ladies worked at sewing the narrow batting together for our QOV quilts. We had some batting donated but it's very narrow.A HUGE roll, and it's free so we're using it.
We had a new member, Enid. I hope you had a fun time and learned a few things about us.

We also had a quick lesson on making chenille scarves... don't know how that started, but I had my fabric for it there and I gave a demonstration. I'll bring the piece in next month.

I also brought in a selvedge quilt I'm making, to show one of the ladies (she found out I was saving slevedges and wanted to know what I was making with them).