Sunday, March 18, 2012

Urgent needs

One of our parishioners, Barb W., was brought to my attention. Her daughter's friend Kim, had been diagnosed with breast cancer, that matastized into pelvic, back and shoulder cancers. She could desparately need some comfort by our quilts.

Barb picked out "Peachy Cream" to have us give to her.
This is the message from Barb after giving the quilt to Kim.

She really loved the quilt and immediatey hugged it. She couldn't believe people who didn't even know her would do such a wonderful thing.
Kim......... it's what God wants us to do.
We also had an urgent request for a quilt to send to "Tank" (in Louisville, KY), who is going through kidnet dialysis. He's 71 and this is very difficult for him.
We sent him "Homespun Warmth". Actually, we sent the top to Sarah B (tornado victim distributor in KY) with a backing and she'll get it put together.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Quilts to go to Tornado Victims

This February has been a tough year for the Midwest. They have been devastated by tornados, some to the point of whole sections of town wiped out.

A member of Heartstring Quilt Project ( a yahoo group online), Sarah Buaer of KY, is willing to distribute quilts to those in need in KY and southern IN. We have donated three quilts, leaving our supply down to five.

Donated quilts:
This is Purple Strippy's front....

 and this is the back...

This is Marilyn's black and gray lasagna quilt (couch sized)...
... and this is the Easter Eggs quilt. A great child's quilt.
 Thank you Sarah for doing this......we hope it brings some comfort to some scared kids (and parents).

Update: While having dinner at Bolton Congregational Church on St Patty's day, the 'church shop' co-ordinator donated some afghans, hats and stuffed animals for us to send with these quilts. My grandson, Malakai gave me two of his stuffed animals and my daughter Julie gave some of her gently loved dolls to send. What else does a little kid need (who's lost all of her house/toys/belongings), but a huggable toy and a blankie?

Friday, March 9, 2012

March mtg Means Lots of Tops!

Wow, have we got lots of tops completed!!!
The ladies were phenomenal this month getting their homework done. As much as there were not that many at the last meeting, those that were, took home hearstring blocks that were started and not finished. Some were leftovers that didn't quite work with the others, some were just not finished to make a complete top and put in storage for another meeting. So,... after pulling out all the ones that were in various stages, we decided to complete them to help the HeartstringQuilt Project Challenge (Feb-Aug 2012)--thanks for the push, Mary.
Here's what tops were finished.

This one Margaret finished (since she started it). She even had a cute tan print background fabric and we'll put a red binding on it.
This one is adorable... Also, it was a surprise, from Mary Ellen. Soft gray centers, with Dick and Jane fabric border.
You can even see the print in this close-up. How Cute! We found a 'vintage' backing and will get a maroon red binding for this. I think the name may be, "Dick See Jane Quilt".
This one, Mary Ellen added more black centers and it may just get a soft yellow binding. Looks like "Easter Morning", to me.
This one is my Lime Green center with Selvedges as the strings...hence, "Lime Green Selvedges". I may add a border or two and leave it.... or may keep making more to make it 5 x 7 blocks instead of the 4x6 blocks that it is now.
This one I love.... my personal favorite! I call it "Homespun Warmth". The blocks were finished by Kathy and I finished putting the blocks together (here just laid out at the meeting) at home. So warm and cozy!! We have another set to put together too, but not anyone's homework yet.
And Janet took our breast cancer centers (pink)blocks  home and added some green and pink blocks to complete this. She wanted to make it bigger and add a border, so we picked out some soft pink (that reads solid) and a bright green (narrow inside border) to finish this. Can't wait to see it next mtg. I call this one "Cotton Candy Pink).
I really think we got so much done at this meeting.
Oh! I almost forgot.... I finished putting together the RW-CB blocks together that Kathy had brought to last month's mtg. I did different placements so they were different from each other. Here they are...
Three Diamond Storm
 Corner Posts
These two will go to wounded veterans who have come home. We will send them to Alycia in CO, who sends them where they need to go. Thanks, Alycia. (Pillowcases are coming, too).