Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nice day for our April meeting!

Finally, there is no snow on the ground... no one was sick, although we did have half of our 'crew' pricing May Fair items downstairs, but on the bright side, they came up for the second half of the meeting.

First I must tell you of a wonderful award we will be getting. One of our members, Brenda K, belongs to the CT Emblem Club and she put in for us to be considered as one of their charities they make donations to. Well, we came in first as their choice to get a $200 award. They want someone to appear at their annual meeting (unfortunately on May 9th-same day as our May Fair) and accept this award and say something about the group! Yup, I'm going. Since we get no funding from anyone in particular, when we're awarded something, .... you bet, I'm going!

Okay, now about our 6 hr day today... Mary Ellen couldn't come, but stopped and dropped off one finished quilt and one top to have us use.

Kathy came and brought a quilt finished... beautiful. Calling it "Leap Frog"...doesn't it look like frogs leaping from one strip to another?

 Back side of the "Leap Frog" quilt.

We finished tying one that we'd started on last month, and all that's left to hand-bind is about 2.5 feet (I'll have my 87-yr old mom do it tomorrow, when she's at my house). It's called "Sunny Patch".

Marilyn brought in two quilts (one is just at the top stage)... "Vermont's Green Mountains"

and choosing between "Earth to Japan",... or "Japanese gardens"

I also finished machine-quilting a purple one (one of my favorites) and stitched down the binding that was rolled from the back. There was a name for this.....darn. Can't think of it.

We did organize a few tops to have bindings ready, added two borders onto one of our heartstring quilts. It just needs a backing (may take it to Marden's). "Blew Balloons"... (hot air balloons, and play on word, blue/blew)
OH! Speaking of Marden's, we are going up there (Maine) on the second Sat of June. YEA!! Finally....