Saturday, February 20, 2016

Homework done...

Actually, homework is done plus MORE! I finished a red quilt to the point where it needs one more border (and I have the red for it). We'll find a backing for it at the March meeting.
I chose a raspberry red for the inner border because Mary Ellen had a raspberry in her blocks (four of them that were identical)... Looks nice, I think.

This is my 'gray' experiment.... I had to go out and get a few grays since I don't think anyone has many of them. I didn't have many in my stash. I think they have a calming affect... The bright streak through it, will be duplicated on an inner border with gray squares (4" sq) as an outer border. I am not sure how the diagonals will move but I think it could prove to be interesting. (Margaret has previewed it and isn't crazy about it but I think it could work). We'll see as it progresses. I'll post better photos when the lighting is better.

Friday, February 12, 2016

February's color of the Month-Blues

At this month's meeting, we pulled another paint chip... Medium blues/slate blue.

Here is the blocks I had a chance to finish by Valentine's day... I'm liking it!

Friday, February 5, 2016

February mtg--But January's color of the Month-RED!!

Wow! Did we do good for our LAST night meeting! There was only four of us, but did a lot!
Janet did this one (a UFO) and it's a perfect wheelchair quilt. One her 'mom' said would be perfect for a nice old man".

This quilt went to a lady married to Janet's husband's co-worker. His wife has ...ready?... three cancers (bone, brain and lung) and isn't doing well.

I'm naming it "Stonehenge", since some of the 'bars' seem to be upheld by the verticals.

"Bellies on the Couch", because the center belly of the blocks are laying on a border fabric that remind me of an old-fashioned couch.

One of the designs with the red fabrics... then more blocks showed up and that always changes everything!  Lol!

Mary Ellen made this top... I pulled it out to see if we can find a navy blue/dark blue border for another day... Janet took it home to add the border.

Kathy has been at it again... Making three snowball variety quilts. This one is beautiful teals. "Teal Snowballs and Diamonds".

Dark Cherries and Raspberries
Maroon/raspberry using animal jelly roll fabrics. We may donate this small quilt to Project Linus.

"Red Animal Snowballs"

"The Heart Behind the Plaid"
Janet G finished this little wheelchair sized quilt, but laughed when she realized she had lots of beige strips (sewed end to end) leftover. (ps... she was supposed to use it as a thin border before the outer red plaid border... Oh well. It's fine...

Cute back to the plaid quilt!

After getting Margaret's blocks and the ones the ladies brought, this is the design for one of them. I like the name "Which Way, Red?", since the red diamonds look like the arrows go off to the sides, not knowing which way they should go.

We came up two blocks shy...This is more red (vs with pink), so maybe the name should be "Red Diamonds" or "Red Quartz".

Kathy added a couple more that night. Looks great now!

Janet added the border on this one and brought it back, now we're pin-basting it.

I found some orange fabric for the binding! It will make some of the colors in the quilt POP!

This is as far as we got... We'll sew it in March. Thanks ladies.
Blessed quilts

One of the red quilts with a raspberry border...nice. We'll add more to enlarge it.

January cleanup!

While waiting for Delaney to come over to church and help me organize our "Stash", I played with some of the "color of the month blocks from me and Mary Ellen. Playing with different ways to play... Diamonds?...


Mary Ellen's added to mine....

I also brought back 1/2 of the Plaid lightening bolts quilt. I added a white border, which will have another plaid border added after (we picked out a red plaid).

I 'll take more photos of the cupboards, but this was part of it...

This box has big pieces that we use for backings.

Thanks Delaney!