Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our next project?

This may be in the making of some future quilts. It's a pattern on Bonnie Hunter's blog, Quiltville. It's called Scrappy Mountain Majesties. This was a sample of one that I found online...

It seems to be simple and fun!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More quilts finished and Blessed

It's been such a blessing to see how many of these quilts can come to life and be finished!!
This one was created because of the beautiful fall fabric. Not wanting to cut up this fabric into small pieces, we used a large 8" square block, framed with fabrics that would match the leaf fabric. We put them together with a broder of the fall fabric, so it gives the illusion of the frames rising above the leaves. Makes me think of leaves floating under a bridge, which may end up being the name of this quilt. Green plaid is on the backing, with various strips of the frame fabrics as the binding. Two possible names...1. Leaves Under the Bridge, 2. Floating Leaves. 

 This  one is a quilt that Mary Ellen did using blocks that she'd made from a 'Block of the Month' project and it looks a little bit Asian, and is machine-quilted by Laura McCarrick with angel wings, hence the name, "Asian Angel Wings". Nice black and white florentine backing was used.

This quilt was a Black and White Challenge, done with Vernon Nutmeg quilters, when Nancy was a member. She had these blocks from the challenge and had never put them together. Considering them to be 'orphan blocks' from this project, she put them together with sashing to enlarge the quilt, then added a brilliant blue thin border, with a larger black print border. The backing is pieced and the binding is solid black. It's called "Challenge Me".
I love seeing them laying over the railings at church when they get blessed. It's such a special moment.
 These two are laying near the babbling pond in front of the pulpit. Love these.
Stay tuned for more....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quilts being finished.....

There have been so many finished quilts that are quickly spoken for, that I've not always had my camera to take the photos.... However, here are some of the finished ones before they find a home.

This is one made by MaryEllen, called "Angels Among the Stars". It was a pattern that I saw online and sent the photo and what I thought would be good instructions for the group to make (wonky star blocks) and this is what she made with all her scraps! She had it machine-quilted by Laura McCarrick, co-owner of Quilting by the Yard quilt shop. Big AND beautiful!
 This one is finished... It was my experiment with the pattern "Trip around the World" (center design), but I found I didn't like doing it on a large basis, so I kept framing it with florals until it got to a nice lap quilt size. I had intended it to be used as a small tablecloth for my personal use, then decided to donate it to the group. It's called "English Gardens".
 The backing is a lovely rock garden fabric, widened by the green fabric.
 This quilt was made by Enid and brought in to be finished. We added a Fairy land backing and called it "Fairies in the Dessert".  Also a nice lap sized quilt.
 This quilt top was made by Marilyn and was brought in to finish. We used a striped backing and rolled it to the front for the binding. It's called "Pretty Boxes Tied with Riboons".

 This little cutie is called "Stop Driving on the Grass". Just a mishmash of leftover panel strips from another quilt. Great kid quilt.

This was discussed at our last meeting. This quilt was put together, but found to be wavy around the edges. I took it home to fix and after removing the borders, trimming the last row of the quilt's edges, when I went to measure the borders to re-sew I found them to be 3" longer than the quilt!! How they were put on without noticing, it a mystery. But it is now fixed and should be done in the next few months.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Quilts moved on without a photo

Some of the quilts that were camera-shy when they were finished, were the following:

Prisms, a heartstring quilt that went to a man who'd been very depressed lately. Scroll down to see it in the making. (This is an earlier photo of it before completely finished)

Generation Gap (although I think it's in the post called "Soup & Sandwiches"), was delivered by hand to a ladies porch in the next town. She was at the hospital when it was delivered, dealing with cancer. She came home to find it on her enclosed porch. Good timing.

Salt Water Taffy, you can see it in the post below in the making....was hand delivered after a Sunday service.