Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lime I Spy quilt

Sometimes you wonder why a quilt hasn't gone shortly after it's finished... Sometimes it just needs the right home. This cutie, made by Margaret Martin was one of those quilts. It's made in the groups 'signature block', Heartstrings, using a lime green center strip, with loads of fun kid prints on the strips that finish the block.

Ever played "I Spy"....? Find something in the 'fun strips' and say, "I spy...(pick an item in the quilt)." Then the person under the quilt, has to find the strip with it in it. Keeps them occupied and their mind off the troubles they are dealing with.

This one went to Pat G's granddaughter who is 4 yrs old and suffering from pneumonia right now. She's in a local children's hospital and may be for a short while longer. Get better, Daphne....prayers are going your way!

Now I know why it's been here all this time. It was waiting for a little girl to comfort....

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Feb mtg- more successful than expected

While I expected to have a snowstorm and prepared to move the meeting to the following Monday, we got a dusting of snow, so we had the meeting. Unfortunately, I prepared everyone so well for moving it to next week, that I ended up with three of us at the original meeting. Even so, I'd gotten there around 4:30pm to set up (meetings don't really start until 6:30pm) and decided wince I had the table space set up, I'd use it to machine quilt the 'Purple Mountains Majesties' quilt using gold thread. I have one line I 'oops-ed' on that will have to be ripped out, and some threads to trim, but otherwise, it just needs the rolled binding to be sewn. Could give this one to my mom (she loves to handstitch them-she'll be 86 next month), or sew it on the machine this week. (Hear we have another superstorm coming on Thursday)

This little cutie, Disappearing 9-patch pattern, made by Margaret, (no name yet) is set to be tied. The ladies finished this one at the meeting, using blue embroidery threads. The pink binding is ready to be sewn on (I'll do that this week at home, and mom can finish the binding).

This one was made by Kathy S and we have decided to make it slightly bigger using another border on the outside (found a great stripe-y navy floral one). Hope it works.
Pinwheels in the Garden

Kathy also made this one and while we tossed a few names around ("Bop-it!" , "Bug Explosion"), we haven't come up with a name that everyone seems to say .... "YES! That's it!".

Such a cute one, (Kathy S. again)... Used some fabrics from Marilyn and Margaret...scraps of Kathy's QOV quilts. Woman after my own heart. Never waste a thing!
"March to 1st Base"
 So cute!

Mary Ellen came in with her finished "Flutterbys" which is getting Blessed on Sunday. I 'll take a photo of it and post it in here later.

And Kathy got crazy making 77 Pocket Prayer quilts... I made 9 although I didn't photograph them. Enjoy...

Love this cat fabric!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It started when...

... I organized my sewing room after the holidays

Instead of putting away the strips I'd cut some leftover fabric into, I connected them end to end (all by color) and made a cute top. Added some borders and voila!

This is the lasagna quilt top I'd made, but it just wasn't big enough for comfort.

Added a black border (it was the wrong side of the fabric since the other side had lame on it)

Added borders here, but they seem wonky. I'll straighten them out later. Not sure why....