Thursday, February 9, 2017

Feb meeting

This was such a fun day.... Dee and Kathy started pin-basting the last of the 'blue belly' quilts (how many did we make??). Sometimes you have to put your hair up to continue (Dee 'swishing back her hair') 

"Blue belly Corn Rows"

Janet brought this top in and we found backing material to put with it. Now just to decide how to piece the backing (it's not wide enough).

"Lime bordered Wonky Stars"

Marilyn made this top and since it's so small, we need to add borders (Dee and Kathy are adding them, while Janet looks on.)

Here it is with the blue borders (so far). We may be putting the raspberry batik on the outer border edge.

Someone cutting borders
- Love a 'butt shot'!

Delaney (our teenager) putting the ties into the Beach panel quilt.
 This one, we had a hard time with. I had an idea in my head, but after getting the four blocks sewn together into four rows, I couldn't explain it well to tell them that they would be 'floating' on the denim stripes.

This is what I meant ladies... (I took this home to put together for the group.) Top done!
This will be homework for ladies next month (see the last post for the actual block).

This cute one ("Tabby Tans") was made by Kathy from someone's Attic Window top. She added borders and machine quilted it. Beautiful. However, she noticed an 'oops' in it. See it? Nope, I didn't either, but she forgot to machine quilt upper left corner. We'll see it next month, finished.

I think we all gushed over this one, that Kathy made. Had a panel from Missouri Quilt Co- on sale- and added scrappy blocks to enlarge it. Even got to put in two 'heart' blocks (top and bottom) from the Orlando Pulse quilts.
Cute Colorful Critters
Thanks ladies!! (all six of you that were able to show up). Hope you are feeling better, Jane.