Monday, May 18, 2009

Two quilts Blessed on Sunday

Appropriately, we had and animal quilt ("Cats and Dogs ala Mode") to be Blessed this Sunday at which we had an "Earth Mass" and parishioner's animals Blessed. It was crazy seeing parisioners bring in their dogs (no cats were there), turles, hamsters into church suring the service.
And NO, I didn't bring my cats! It's a blessing they stay living on ANY given day. And besides, they like being home....LOL
The other quilt Blessed is pictured a few posts down... Framed Butterflies

Perfect timing!

I've been working on a few things for the group at home... finished our strippy quilt's quilting (needs to be trimmed and bound), made a few black HS blocks, etc. , but I've been so busy with the May fair that I haven't even gone online much. But sometimes, something happens at the right time, and you never know why.
While I was at the fair, running around crazily, trying to find last minute things for people, a woman walked up to me... I saw her coming at me and thought "What does Anne need?" hoping it was in the direction that I was already heading. She quietly touched my arm and said, "I was wondering if I could have your group make my cousin a quilt. He has brain cancer." Of course, I said absolutely! "That would be so great", she said. I told her I have the perfect one and asked her if she'd be at the 10am service tomorrow. The look on her face and her comments after, made me realize how shocked she was that we already had one ready to go. I think she thought maybe she could plan on one in a month or two. (I actually thought she was gonna cry).She was so touched by the idea that she could have it NOW, and send it to him, she was speechless, which made me choked up.
I had my daughter bring it over when she came to the fair and was able to give it to her that afternoon! I just need to write a note to go with it. That I could do tomorrow....
There is always a reason why some of our quilts don't have a place to go right away. I think they know there is a place for them, even if we don't. (Yes, our quilts are pretty smart!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Charity quilt photo

Pat B's Brown-green quilt pictures from crafts photos on webshots

Tying a heartstring quilt-tutorial

Here is great tutorial on how to tie a heartstring quilt....

Charity Benefit successful!

My daughter's culinary school in CT had a benefit on Sat for the "Sunshine Kids" and they asked our group to donate a quilt for their auction( See two posts above this one....) We donated a quilt last year- kid sized- that reaped $600 for their cause! This year, I sent two quilt, a child sized (blue/green with bugs) and an adult one, muted soft browns, pinks, blues... still about a throw/couch size. I was surprised when they picked an adult quilt, but realized after that the auction was attended by adults and the quilts were to be auctioned off for THEM, not the children. My daughter said the Chef was VERY impressed by the quilting done on it...thanks to our local 'angel wings' quilter, Laura McCarrick.
The bidding started at $400, and the evening ended with a bidding war between two ladies, one of whom bought it for $875.00!! Whooo hoo! Kiddos to YOU, Laura, and to the ladies of the group!!

May mtg --posted on the wrong blog!!

I made the posting for the May mtg on my personal blog, by accident. Click on the link (on the line above) to see what we did for this month.

Monday, May 4, 2009

QOV quilts done... # 615-616

Just took a look at Alycia's blog...
She finally got a chance to quilt our last two QOV quilts (along with our first quilt - #158--they are #615 and #616 on the sidebar...scroll WAAYY down!). She is up to 625 quilts!! You GO GIRL!
Actually, I give credit to our ladies who work so greatly every month on numerous projects. I'll be posting some more photos....
Do I dare say we have one more D9P quilt to put together???