Saturday, June 9, 2012

Deli Sandwiches in June

Our June meeting was actually one of our two 6 hr quilting events of the year. "Making sandwiches at the Deli" almost looked like it wasn't gonna be too well attended with only three of us there. Slowly one more appeared, with another to come after bringing her cat to the vet. With a phone call to one more (who wasn't coming because of work--that got postponed until Sunday), we ended up with six ladies who were so excited to be there!

We had quite a few tops to 'sandwich' and a couple of backings needed to be adjusted, done.
More were taken home to be bound, and quilted, but we got 5 quilts almost to the done stage. These three came in from the last meeting, finished.
Tooling Around was from a panel that was made from a Quilting by the Yard quilt kit that was given to one of our members (MEZ) by one of her quilting friends.

Same with these happy squares. They were leftovers from a previous meeting/homework assignment.
Enid was playing with some batiks and had fun with this. I call it "Enid's Black Beauty". Thanks, Enid!
The Frog quilt is a great kid one. That one got to the binding stage, but Marilyn took it home to finish that part.We got the binding for this (and the backing) up in Maine at Marden's. We had the top from 2009 and just couldn't find the right material to make it bigger until this last trip to Maine. It's made with Happy blocks, so I call it "Frog Hoppy". This one is really done, just not in these photos.

We were playing around with Kathy's latest Quilt of Valor blocks and came up with this configuration. Nice I think.... We sent this to Alycia in CO who is our QOV go-to person.
I took this home to quilt it and bind it. We'll roll the backing over to the front to use it as the binding. This great red backing (you'll see it next post) was also gotten in Maine at Marden's.
 And it's always nice to see our member's projects that they are working on....Margaret brought this one in... It's lovely!! I love black, white and brights.
Well, we are off for the summer (too hot to quilt), so enjoy the blog until Sept. (2nd Monday).
Quilt in the shade!