Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 Update in General

I thought I'd post an update of where we are with the quilts in stock and ones that recently left to find new homes.

The following are some of the ones sent to Quilts of Compassion in OH (to comfort midwest tornado victims)
Sail Away

Spinning Blocks

Cherries on Top

Spin out!

4-Patch Hopscotch
Pastel 4-patch baby

 How green Was my Valley
Then there are some that are in the works....this is just a few of them.
"Flutterbys"--Since it needs the borders straightened out, the creator took it home to straighten out.

Finished now. Vintage Purple Diamonds
 This is done and ready for someone to love. Perfect wheelchair sized.
American Log Cabin- another wheelchair sized

Lime I Spy HS quilt-lap quilt

Pinwheels in the Grass-baby

Purple HS Batik-lap quilt

Number the Animals-lap quilt

Framed Leaves-couch size

Green Mountain Majesties (recently taken to Harry Grey Cancer center for Shirl- a woman with ovarian cancer. She is being helped by another of our quilt recipients).
 These are in the process of getting finished....
This is another 'wonky border'. to be fixed....

Green D9P

Friday, January 17, 2014

"Cycling in VT" sent on it's way!

Finally got to send the finished quilt "Cycling in VT" on it's MA.

This went to a woman (former nurse, and veteran) who has been dealing with ovarian cancer for a while, and thankfully, I've heard she just got some test results back that said 'negative'. We like to hear that, and hope that our thoughts while working on her quilt have helped that prognosis along. This was blessed after the holidays and sent out last week. Thank you Edith for the fabric and the request.

January event-- "Sandwich Stackers"

Last Friday, I spent the morning at church setting up everything for Sat's event!

We had three backings that needed to be sewed to expand them.Three of these quilts needed their backings split diagonally for them to fit the tops. (Actually, we ended up doing four)
Six quilt tops that needed backs, batting and binding. (Really didn't get these touched yet, but they are morked and that's half the battle).
Two quilt tops that need to have us evaluate.One, I'm not sure, but I don't think we'll get to it, so it doesn't matter. (Didn't get there yet)

Lots of batting and threads. I just have to remember to bring my sewing machine and 'ditty case'. (And it should be raining, so that may be fun!!-- got it in before the rain)

Everyone that is coming, please remember to bring your lunch. I have water and can make hot tea, but I haven't gotten dessert. (Maybe I'll find time to stop on the way to church).

See you there. (Anyone can stop by. We may put you to work, though, so watch out!! LOL)

Here is an update on the actual day....
Kathy S, Jane P, Margaret M, Marilyn L (stayed only a short time, but nice to have you there), Anna R, me, and a surprise visit from some "lerkers". Actually, former church members/friend and her two college age children (Cindy D and Emily and Lindsay). So nice to be able to put you to work!! LOL

One small quilt got backed and bound. This top was 'serged' by a friend of Jane's (Irene) and was donated to the group.Margaret did the ties and Jane pinned the binding. I sewed the binding at the mtg, but took it home to do the label.

Marilyn created this bright top and donated it. My favorite colors! It's always hard to let go of a 'beauty', but that's truely 'giving' if you can let it go.

One of our 'Blue Bellies" was laid out on it's backing (plaid), and was tied by the ladies. I machine-sewed between the blocks, then took it home to trim the batting and roll the back over to the front for it's binding. (Finished that so all it needs is a label).
 This little quilt that Anna and Margaret tied, was a collection of paper-pieced blocks (made by a lady in her 80's) that was given to one of our members. Kathy put it together, added some borders and fabrics and it's turned into a nice wheelchair-sized quilt! My plan is to machine-quilt to imitate the diamond in the middle block (purple), machine-stitch outside of the purple border, then roll the backing to make the binding. I think this one may get called "Vintage Purple Diamonds", since the fabrics were very vintage looking.

 Surprise!! Lindsay and Emily survey the "Pawlet Mountain Trails" quilt. Trying to decide how to quilt/tie this one.  Mom (Cindy) helping to figure where we can stitch to 're-create' the mountain effect on the quilt. By the time they were done (we stayed an extra hour), we had it 'chalked'.

 We even had time to catch up on family/life news, so those who vaguely remember when they belonged to our church.
 Girls were home from college and got to help, and then relax and visit. Thanks for stopping in and letting me put you to work! (Stop in anytime!!)