Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pillowcases finally delivered

Marilyn and others made many pillowcases last year for us to donate to our usual charities. Today I delivered 7 fun 'kids' prints to Conkerr Cancer organization of which the local quilt shop, Quilting by the Yard is the drop-off center.

We also have 15 more that I'll be dropping off tomorrow at the Manchester Shelter on Main Street. (Done!)

Feels good to get them dropped off, but they had 30 people at the shelter last night, so maybe we can get more made for next month.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feb Meeting

Unfortunately, it's the time of year when people come down with illnesses, so a few of our ladies couldn't make the meeting. But we had four of us, and although we didn't do much 'sewing', we figured out a lot of where we are heading and what 'homework' needed to be done!

We talked about the challenge with the HeartstringQuilt Project 6 month challenge, which made us look through the 'heartstring' box to see what quilts are in what progress. It was VERY productive because Margaret is finishing a child's lime green top,

Nancy will continue making lime green with selvedges,

Kathy is making white centers with homespun plaids (my favorite!),
and Janet took The leftover pink blocks from Oct 2009.

We have one QOV quilt with one more row to go (my homework), but Kathy has been going like crazy on the RWB HS blocks. She has a son going to Afghanistan in three weeks, so she's been 'on a mission' to create these blocks -she brought in 96 blocks- enough for two adult quilts!! (I borrowed 6 from her pile to finish this one - shown- and she's gonna make 6 more to complete the two we need to put together. I think I'm gonna put them together all differently, so they can each get their own 'name'. -- I LOVE to name them!!)

 I'll be posting them and adding them to our count. I'll be posting photos of them as they get done, too. Come May and June, we'll be focusing on 'backs' to add to these, and hopefully, the June 6 hr event will consist of putting these together and tying them.

We did talk about going to Marden's, but I think a few of them can't make the trip due to car sickness/ can't sit for extended periods of time. We'll take a poll through emails to see if a trip is in the offing. (Maybe I'll just go with my hubby for a day trip!)