Sunday, March 29, 2009

St Mary's Quilt-a-thon

Although I couldn't make it to this year's event, I heard there were 23 ladies there, and they had a total of 140+ tops!
Way to go, ladies!!

Freedom to quilt!

This is the first mtg we'll have that I can be there REAL early, since I'm on lay-off (two months worth). I have two quilts turned into me (from Beth and Muriel) that are done! I'll have the ladies check them out, then they will get Blessed on Palm Sunday and hopefully, we'll have a few more done on Tuesday (31st).
These are some of the ones I hope to have tops done...

The Blue with the black and white ("Blue-min' Heart") needs 6 more blocks added on, then we can find a backing and get it done for Father Paul's friend with brain cancer. I have one of the 'done' ones that could be used, but it has some pink in it, so I'll have to have a vote on it with the ladies Tuesday.

These are the samples of the envelope blocks. We have SEVERAL, so I'll need a couple of people to organize them into a top. The question will be whether they will be completely scrappy or going only with a few colors (two or three).
I hope to have the butterfly quilt done at this mtg. It would have been done at the last, bar the 'wrinkle', but I hope to have the binding done for it.
lso hope to have Father Chip's quilt top done...I'm working on that on my design wall. It's looking good, if I do say so myself.
I also saw our Happy Blocks arrived safely in Mary's hands.... check out the thurs Mar 5th post...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Correction on date of next mtg

Our next mtg will be moved to TUESDAY, Mar 31st, not on our usual Mondays.... Another group is mtg at the church on Monday. See you then!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Post March mtg....

Lot of things got worked on at this month's meeting.... with ten of us ladies there. Welcome to Mary Ellen who is new to the group. It is wonderful that Enid brought you to us. I hope you enjoy coming. Among all the ironing and sewing, two of our quilts are being bound (at home), and we have a few more being tied (Prayer quilts).
We were able to send out our quilt, "Mints on my Pillow/Nightshades" today

to a parishioners daughter who is suffering with cancer and we're finishing up the blocks for another brain cancer sufferer who is a friend of our Priest-in-charge. I hope to have that one done before next mtg.

Hey, ladies!! We also have set aside some sewing time on a few Sundays between noon and 4pm. The dates are Mar 22nd, April 19th and June 21st. Mark your calendars and join us (Bring a sandwich for lunch or share a snack. I'll provide drinks).

It was fun to see the envelope blocks everyone made. We'll put them together at one of the next mtgs. Finally able to get my photos loaded into my husband's computer, so I can post them. My computer is just giving me the 'fits', since it has about 1/100th of an inch of FREE space left on my harddrive!

Monday, March 2, 2009

March Mtg

Due to the snow storm "Demi", we are meeting on March 9th... next Monday, same time. We have two of our charity quilts back from the local quilter, Laura, so we can bind them on Monday (Bingo and Earth & Sky).
I'm posting some variations of Heartstring quilts we may want to try... I LOVE the black centers...

And we may want to try a variation still of this one, where we put one half of the block one color and the other half another color and see what kind of a maze we make.

We have taken care of the parishioner in need of a sleeping bag, donated by Muriel S. Thanks, angel....

Also, know that if any meetings get cancelled, call my number or the church (860-649-4583) to find out if we're on. I hardly think we'll need this 'service' any further into the year, hopefully no more snow!