Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Recently finished quilts

These will have to wait a few weeks to get blessed but they are done.
""Plaid Comfort"
Quilt made by the group from plaid shirts requested from the church members. Check out the "Izzod" label. LOL

"Winter Warmth" made by Mary Ellen.

I need to learn to write Fast labels made it done!

This quilt I absolutely LOVE! "Janet's Awful Quilt" was a UFO of Janet's and we added borders, flange and a popping binding to make it FABULOUS! Love this....
All three of these will be blessed on May 8th (Mother's day)

Few quilts heading out...

Here are a few quilts we recently delivered.
This was given to a long time parishioner (Bill D) who has been dealing with dementia and while we don't give quilts out to those battling with mental issues unless hospitalized, this man had a seizure, fell and is in rehab.
Pop-Art Floral
This quilt went to a parishioner (RK) who is suffering with ALS (Lou Gherig's Disease)
"Teal Snowballs & Diamonds"

This one was made with blocks called Tesselating blocks by Janet, given to an elderly woman who was having major surgery.
"Wild Tess"

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Quilting with Squirrels

Yes. That's right, I said 'with squirrels'!!

Okay, so here is the story... We had a few quilts we'd been pinning, tying, etc. and once it got near lunchtime, I said I'd get the tea water going (again) and we'd break for lunch. As I headed for one door, one of the ladies said they saw 'a cat' scoot through the conference room (where our cupboards for fabrics are kept)  then into the kitchen!
A cat??
Yeah, a cat.
I walked into the kitchen to see a squirrel creeping out from under the stove! Once he saw ME, he scooted towards the other door (which we'd now closed). Because both of those doors have windows in them, we could keep him trapped in the kitchen and watch  My 'wall of tables'  him. He went up the wall to the fuse box (near one window), sat and watched me  and Jane who was watching him through the other door.

I had a plan.
I'd lined up heavy 6' tables on their sides to make an alleyway to the back door which I'd propped open. Then I opened the side door (that went into the conference room and followed the 'path') and I went to the far door and started talking to him.
See the microwave? I NEEDED it for my lunch!!

I'm trying to tell him that he should follow my path, but he wasn't listening. He then decided to crawl up the wall and the water pipes up to the ceiling and I realized the 'plan' wasn't gonna work. They JUMP, AND they CLIMB! My 'wall of tables' wasn't gonna restrain them from leaping over them and heading further into the church. I closed that door and now he's back to being trapped in the kitchen.

In the meantime, Jane had called Randy B (building and grounds committee member)  even though my next thought was to call animal control with the local police. Before Randy arrived, I darted into the kitchen, closed myself in there with the squirrel, talked nice so I could scoop up all the 'food' we had out on the tables (strawberry cupcakes with peanut butter frosting, wine cake, crackers, plates, and two items in the frig) and bring it out to the sewing area so we could eat. Realizing that MY lunch would be better heated up and the squirrel was just above the microwave (guess I'm eating it cold), I now wasn't speaking as nicely to the animal! Now I'm getting 'hangry".
Meanwhile, everyone is laughing their pants off in the other room (asking me to poke my head in and snag the silverware and napkins).

Randy shows up, says there ARE no 'squirrel traps' that the church owns (we just have a 'trapper-guy' we call, puts on heavy duty gloves , grabs a blanket and a bucket (what is he gonna do with THAT??). I quickly head back IN the kitchen with the crackers and toss two on the table near him, one on the floor, one on the window sill (after opening it), and opened up a stepstool near the window, then ran out of the kitchen and closed him back in. As the squirrel looks rather interested in the crackers, Randy comes in and starts waving a blanket to scoot him towards the window. finally, Randy says he thinks the squirrel flew out the window (two stories up, mind you). We quickly closed the window and cleaned up the stuff knocked over by the panicked squirrel, settled down to eat our lunch and get back to sewing! Whew! What excitement...
So here are the photos from the day.... enjoy them.
Which Way Red?
 This was our Red/Pink Heartstring quilt. We'll take it to Marden's in 'April to find a backing.
Janet and Dee pinning this lap sized plaid quilt, named "Plaid Comfort".

 All this quilt needs is tying (done) and stitch in the ditch along the orange flange, then bind with orange.
Margaret and Kathy pinning "Janet's Chaos" quilt.

This is the color of the month for  March. We have a plan for the yellow-green for the 4-patch blocks below. See June's photos.

This is the color of the month for April.

Delaney looking for purples in our strip boxes.

Plaid Comfort
Here are Jane, Margaret and Kathy tying the plaid HS quilt. We'll roll the green plaid backing to make the binding,

This is what I was working on, but if you interrupt my attention often enough,  I can sew right through my 'markers"!! (At least it wasn't a finger!!)

 All in all, we had a great day!! Ending it with what I saw as I left to go home