Sunday, January 20, 2013

A thank you from one of our quilts 'owners'.

It's always nice to get word that one of our quilts found a good home and can get to work at comforting it's owner, but we never expect one because, frankly, they are usually so wrapped up (no pun intended) in their illness/sickness/healing process. That's really where we want their energy to go. Not consumed with writing us a thank you. However, we received one via our Facebook it is.

"I  just sat down and wrapped myself in my Peace-by-Piece Quilt to watch the evening news. I also plan on sleeping with it tonight (pls don't tell my wife :)) I received this product of love per the request of R*** W*****, one of the best superiors an employee could have. You ladies are the silent ones...reaching out to those in need and I for one can't thank you enough for the Peace you've sent my way. Keep up the good fight and may God bless you in your untiring service.  W.A."

Well, W.A., YOU keep up the good fight. God Bless.

Friday, January 11, 2013

"Man Up!" Jan meeting

Dee working on Halloween Horror

Well, I must say we had a great time, even though we only had six ladies at our first 6 hr event of 2013. While Dee & Janet worked on this 'horrid' quilt (blocks were straight/consistantly sized/etc), that sure turned it into a gem of a little quilt!

This is the layout. It was made years ago but no one is sure who worked on the blocks (them being so wonky, I don't think anyone WANTS to claim they worked on it). All I know is, Janet was a miracle worker to get it into this cute quilt top.

I'm glad I had this broom fabric to add for the border. Next is to add a boy fabric to the back that is NOT Halloweeny. Then it will be reversible.


These blocks I yanked out of the 'orphan block' box in our storage. They were from a 'swap' that I'd done years ago with a local quilt guild. I fixed it so there'd be 12 blocks and then went to work at adding black sashing to separate the business of the black/white prints.

After adding the sashing (am I the only one who caught sight of the improper sizing of the blocks, that somehow came out okay in the end?), we decided if the outer border was to work, we needed a nice blue fabric to pull out some color. Well try and find a blue/green backing for it. Maybe one we can roll the edges over to the front for a binding.

This quilt  I'll call it "Back in Maine" since the backing was bought in Maine.

 We tied it with multicolor embroidery floss since it was so colorful.

I did layout all the quilts that Kathy had quilted/ and or bound, along with her 14 pillowcases. I added Marilyn's pillowcases and we will send them to Con-Kerr Cancer (drop off is at Quilting by the Yard quilt shop). The green/torquoise one on the far left is called "Stop it, Cars!". Just a top at this stage, but we'll either finish it or donate it to Project Linus in March.

These Heartstring blocks were done by Kathy and possibly others, but were in the orphan boxes (RWB), and I thought they needed to be put to a top. This placement didn't make it to the finish.
 This was the finished project. Dee and Jane worked on this. Great job, guys.
 This was one of the loveliest ones we got to work on... Kathy had made the HS blocks and one of the new visitors, Delaney (age 11) worked on the placement of these blocks. I'm thinking this should be called "Thank God I'm a Country boy". It just looks so homey and warm. This is how far it got put together. I'll hopefully work on it at home or bring it to the Feb mtg to be made to the top stage.
Nice placement on the quilt, Delaney.....
 This medalion I've been playing with for years..... Not sure what to do with it yet, but the next stage should be something that makes it POP! (The rust points are flappy- not attached down).

These are piles of HS blocks to be made. (one pile is what is two photos at left). 

 These are more piles to be put together..... the Red/Blue pile did get to a top (see photos above), but the others need a few more blocks to make a complete top. For another meeting.....
 Here she is..... Delaney. She was visiting us with her mom (whom I work with). We gave her the blue blocks and just let her design it. We'll call this one, "Delaney's Quilt". She did such a good job on the design, she can come back anytime she wants. (I hear her mom says she is planning our lunch for the next 6 hr event!).

This is what she started with ....
and this is what she created. Great job!
Okay, I know
we were making 'manly' quilts, but while I was laying out the stuff to be worked on the night before, I found these lovelies and decided they needed to be 'revamped. Not sure who made them, but I hope they don't mind that I 'adjusted' them.
And then I just kept going.... connecting these purple pinwheels below.

These "fall fabrics' (top pile) were taken home by Marilyn. Can't wait to see how she puts them together. We put together the pile on the bottom left before we went home (Janet and I), She's taken them home to put together. We may have to put a border around them to finish that top.


This one needed one more block, so I made one the night before and Margaret worked on this one, until she realized that a block or two, didn't lay flat when ironed, so I took it home to 'fix' it and put it together. I can see this one with a black border and wild outer border. Hmmm......

 Jane was working on rows as needed. Overall, it was a very worthwhile day..... Thanks everyone! See you in February!