Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pocket Prayer Squares and more- Sept mtg

Here are some photos from the latest workshop. First is 137 pocket prayers...  these are for those who don't need a quilt for themselves, but need to have some comfort due to the worries they have for those that NEED a quilt!

We had some people show up to work this day (Margaret, Kathy, Nancy, Dee, Delaney), but Kathy had to bale shortly after arriving, as she wasn't feeling well. She DID bring in two finished quilts and all the pocket prayer squares. Thanks so much for all you can do. Take care of yourself.

This quilt was made by Mary Ellen and sent to us (she's a caregiver at home, but does amazing work for us then donates it-- always with 'extras'). Thanks Mary Ellen. Miss you at workshops, but we all understand,.

Margaret finished binding the plaid cream heartstring quilt that will go to a man in Michigan recovering from brain tumor surgery.

Several others were moved to a more complete stage. This one was one of our February monochrome quilts (Red/pink). This was pin basted and will have the backing rolled over and sewn down for the binding (at the Oct mtg).

Janet G stopped by (she's going through more chemo for herself), and took 4 quilts to the St Francis Cancer center in Hartford for those who are chilly and need comfort.

 Delaney (our youngest member, has been working on this quilt at home... needed some ideas on different ways to put it together with interesting designs,. Nice job, Delaney.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Next meetings scheduled...2016-17

One week from now, we will be starting our 6 hr workshops. The meetings will always on a Saturday, from 9am-3pm. Our meetings for the year are as follows:
Sept. 10th, Oct 1, Oct 29th, Jan 7th, Feb 4th, Mar 4th, April 1st, June 3rd.
Come for any amount of time (1 hr, 2, 4 or the whole day- bring a lunch, I'll feed you drinks and dessert).
You don't have to sew or quilt. You can iron, design the blocks, tie knots, etc.
I'll be posting photos for each meeting. Love these ladies!

What I played with before the upcoming meeting.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Thank you from Orlando

Our quilt is the second from the left. Nice job.... thanks to Kathy for spear-heading this project!

Further results on our Quilts for Pulse in Orlando

We recently got an email letting us know the progress on our quilt tops that we sent to Orlando. Here is a post from one of the quilters blogs. Quilts for Pulse

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Orlando's Second Donation

Kathy, one of our members is amazing! She used the scraps from the first two Orlando quilts and made up two more to send. Here they are. Just beautiful.
"Orlando Dutchmen"

"Orlando Rainbow heart Scraps"

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Orlando's request

Ladies  can we make some blocks? We don't have any 'heart, rainbow or otherwise, on hand, but maybe make some blocks. Wanna get together at my house?

Okay, so today's 'impromptu workshop' was initiated by Kathy, who has sewing machines in the hospital- ones actually being operated on to transfer 'organs' to be used in the other,,, so I brought my machine to her house so we could work on quilt tops for the Orlando Quilt guild.

They were requesting rainbow heart quilt blocks to either put together, or send them a top already created (which we will send two of them down), They are to be given to the 49 families of those killed in the Pulse nightclub and the 53 injured patrons that are recuperating,. Here is some photos of the day.

Here are some of the photos from today...
Kathy making more heart blocks

Original design-needs more

Adding Nancy's four rainbow blocks

Final quilt top finished.

First Monochrome quilt (Red)
 This monochrome quilt's color was chosen in January.
Kathy's Rectangle Cutie!

" Leftover Ratatouille" by Kathy

Kathy's "Farmer's Market"

Cute Pea fabric

Back of "Farmer's Market" quilt

Kathy's Farmer's Market" quilt. Notice the stalls and pathways to go between stalls.

Finally finished the last top to be sent to Orlando Quilt Guild. It's so different from the first one, which seems apropos, since we're all different.
Framed the center group in black in honor of the deceased, but made it  small width so the focus is on comfort, not sadness.

Here is the message we sent with them...
"Our quilting group, Peace by Piece Quilters of Manchester, CT saw your plea for quilts and while we only have approx. 10-12 members (and don't meet in the summer) we had some who could put together 2 quilt tops- one is 50x60" and the other is 60x70". We can send some binding (various rainbow colors) to use to bind these when you can put them into finished quilts. We hope that this can help comfort some of those affected by the tragedy. These tops will be blessed during our Sunday service tomorrow. Please know our hearts and prayers are with you all."

I also sent almost 19yds of rainbow binding!

Thank you Kathy for the house. table space, iron and company and ALL those blocks that were made prior to us showing up, Thanks to Marilyn who gave great advice of the placement of our blocks (moral support is always good. Nice job ladies!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

2016 Marden's Trip

Okay, I thought I could wait until I was back from vacation, but the 'quilt' of not getting this posted sooner is overwhelming! AND, I might start forgetting the fun details, lol.

We had seven this year for the trip, including my husband (one of the relief drivers)... Jane (van owners and Project Linus coordinator, Dee (budding seamstress), Delaney (youthful designer), Hazel (former professional fabric cutter), Kathy (Seamstress extraordinaire), and me (Nancy- Boss that's never in charge). Oh wait! There was eight! "Flat Janet" (who couldn't come, but still manage her way into the van).
Flat Janet, Nancy and Delaney

Delaney and mom (Flat Janet moved over to be with them)

The "Up Front" crew

Deanna and Flat Janet

We headed out at our usual time of 8:30am from church and got up to The Maine Diner before the rush at noon.
Everyone including Flat Janet

Kathy, Hazel, Deanna and Flat Janet

Good, but thin Seafood Chowdah

Jane's Lobstah roll

Only Lee would eat breakfast and beans in Maine

Veggie warps for Dee and Delaney

Stuffed mushrooms for me

Not to bad for seven of us...

Flat Janet rode in the back until she was carsick (kept falling out of the cup holder), then we stuck her in the pocket behind the driver's seat. When we got to the diner, I accidently left her in the car!! One man in line behind us thought I left a child in the car, until he saw me come through with "Janet on a stick"! She even got to look at the menu at the diner.

It was great to see Bonnie (the fabric manager @ Marden's. She is always great fun!! We brought 32 Project Linus quilts and Hazel brought ten to contribute), for which we got close to over 31 yrds of fabric for free (3/4 yd per quilt).

Leighann and Flat Janet

Bonnie the manager and Flat Janet

We thought a wheelchair if she got tired (she has no legs, you see)

We had so much fun with "Flat Janet" (google Flat Stanley, to understand the reference), even with people behind us in the cutting line, who told us they did the same thing with "Flat Denise" when they went to Disney World (Flat Denise was in the fabric area, waving to Flat Janet. It was quite a hilarious time.

Flat Janet wanted to ride in back with the fabric, but we said no,

She did get to stop for ice cream

We saw this on the way out of the gas station. Doesn't it look like it has a face!??

A stop for the bathrooms on the way home.

Janet was exhausted, from staying on her stick... She slid off, ended up in the drink cup.
 The drive home was rather boring, but we were rejuvenated and most everyone had their fabric fix. (I brought 4 tops to find backings for (the Red Mono, the Red/Pink Mono, The Blue Mono and a plaid heartstring "Plaid Comfort" (cream center strings). What a great day!!!!!.......