Thursday, March 2, 2017

March meeting

While it will be back to being COLD (it's winter, after all), there should be no reason not to show up in a warm building and get some 'quilt therapy'. We have plenty of 'homework' being planned for the next few months and I'll be handing out 'homework packets for April and demonstrating the summer homework (yes, I will have packets, per se to hand out at the June meeting).

Can't wait to see you all. Three more meetings before we take off the summer!

Here are photos from the days workshop... Seven ladies were there. Miss you, Jane and Margaret.
First quilt we worked on was our beach panel. We'll have it done, just in time for summer.
"Sailing Away"
Marilyn did some knitting near the PURR-fectly Purple Heartstring quilt. She matched her yarn to the monochrome quilt.

Even her bag matches the purple theme.
Janet is working on making two more blocks and we'll add another column on the purple quilt. Dee is laying out the pink blocks to widen this back (yes, it's too pretty to be just a back, but sometimes we do that - make them double sided)

OMG! The Boss! We never get a photo of the boss.... while I make them all nervous when I stand of folding chairs, sometimes you have to be up high to see the quilt design from afar.

Can't decide between the layouts of these two...

Norma is putting the binding on, and since she didn't finish it at the end of the meeting, Marilyn will take it home and finish it,
We're hiding the top of the quilt underneath these strips of blue. We'll make the back a striped back and make it interesting, I think I like the top design better (the widths of the blues will vary) and the darl blue fabric on the left will cap off the other side.

"Last of the Blue Bellies'
These are ones that were finished (Blue Belly) and the lower three were made by Kathy during our month away from meetings. What a huge asset she is to the group!

"Blast Off- Contrails"
"Tabby Tans"
"Pretty Pink Pets"
Berts block (homework for the month)
Sample of the Summer homework (just to shoe them selvedge quilts).

My crazy back!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Feb meeting

This was such a fun day.... Dee and Kathy started pin-basting the last of the 'blue belly' quilts (how many did we make??). Sometimes you have to put your hair up to continue (Dee 'swishing back her hair') 

"Blue belly Corn Rows"

Janet brought this top in and we found backing material to put with it. Now just to decide how to piece the backing (it's not wide enough).

"Lime bordered Wonky Stars"

Marilyn made this top and since it's so small, we need to add borders (Dee and Kathy are adding them, while Janet looks on.)

Here it is with the blue borders (so far). We may be putting the raspberry batik on the outer border edge.

Someone cutting borders
- Love a 'butt shot'!

Delaney (our teenager) putting the ties into the Beach panel quilt.
 This one, we had a hard time with. I had an idea in my head, but after getting the four blocks sewn together into four rows, I couldn't explain it well to tell them that they would be 'floating' on the denim stripes.

This is what I meant ladies... (I took this home to put together for the group.) Top done!
This will be homework for ladies next month (see the last post for the actual block).

This cute one ("Tabby Tans") was made by Kathy from someone's Attic Window top. She added borders and machine quilted it. Beautiful. However, she noticed an 'oops' in it. See it? Nope, I didn't either, but she forgot to machine quilt upper left corner. We'll see it next month, finished.

I think we all gushed over this one, that Kathy made. Had a panel from Missouri Quilt Co- on sale- and added scrappy blocks to enlarge it. Even got to put in two 'heart' blocks (top and bottom) from the Orlando Pulse quilts.
Cute Colorful Critters
Thanks ladies!! (all six of you that were able to show up). Hope you are feeling better, Jane.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

New fabric, new design

Dee's mom had LOTS of this great fabric and when she passed away, Dee donated it to the group. I matched it up with some HOT oranges and some grays and created a block that I think represents our signature block (heartstrings) with a 'twist' to it. Can't wait to make more blocks and put this together. I can see hot orange binding, too!

This is the block (thinking of calling it "Berta's block", since her name was Alberta). Dee gave us the gray fabric with the 'trees' in it.

Close-up of tree fabric
 The I made four of them and lined it up to 'audition' them. I like it! (Anyone find the mistake I made? You may have to enlarge the photo) I figured out with directional fabric, you may want to spend some time 'planning' which direction you want it to go in. Thanks, Dee.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Finally First meeting done!!

Well we had a great turnout for our first meeting of 2017. All but two of our members were here- Marilyn and Norma missed! Here are photos of the Jan mtg.
Kathy was busy in the two months that we've not met for.... wow. Just wow.

" Lasagna Rose"

" Autograph Quilt"

"Barnyard Buds"

"Tipsy Tumblers"

"Tipsy Tumblers"- back
 These are two tops that Janet had worked on recently (at home) and brought in for us to see what we might have to put for the backing. We ALL LOVED this one!!!!
Janet's holding her "Wonky Starburst" quilt.

"Blue Crystal Heartstrings"
Dee and Margaret working on "MELA" (Mary Ellen's Last Act). Mary Ellen was one of our members who wasn't able to come to our meetings over the past year or so, due to caring for her husband, but always seemed to donate a quilt, quilt top with backings and bindings, or 'homework' heartstring blocks. Since her heartstring blocks always 'matched', we would put them in the center (or off-center) as a medallion, then build the other blocks around them. 

"Mela"s front peaking out....

Here is one of Mary Ellen's 'medallion' centers, that has the purple 'flags' twirling around them. This was a homework project for the group.
"Green Mono with Purple Flags"
 Yes, I do let them eat lunch... haha. The rest of the lunch crowd must have been in the kitchen heating up their food/ getting their drinks.

This is the front of our beach panel quilt (not named yet). We spent the afternoon working on the backing, which we're piecing together to make it a 2-sided quilt.
And if you don't sew, design or some other duty, we can always use someone to iron! Something for everyone to do.
Kathy ironing the back for "Blue Crystal HS"
Once they re done, they look beautiful on the wood railings near the altar. We place them here to be blessed on Sunday morning.
"Green Geese panel"
Here is "Lasagna Rose", "Sports Arena", "Autograph Quilt".

Green Geese panel further in on railing

Here is "Barnyard Buds", "Blue Bow-tie", "Tipsy Tumblers" and "Back Doesn't Go" (on the piano).