Sunday, October 7, 2018

October meeting....

This beauty was made by Kathy S. from 1/3 of a panel and used some of fellow quilter, Marilyn's fabrics for the flower blocks. 
Flower Pot Panel

Just LOVE, love, love the backing fabric....

Janet brought in this top she made. We'll put together some binding fabrics and backing... Should we make it a little wider?

 Some quilt going to Smilow Cancer Center at St Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT. Pictured above: Migration (left), Diamonds on the Outside (top) and Blue Hawaii (lower).
The one we added to the top of the pile is "Blast off- Contrails".

This one is going to Betty  (an 80-ish yr old) who has a blood clot on her lung. She lives in the same building as my aunt Norma (one of our quilters).

Sunday, September 9, 2018

A new Start to the year... for us!

Finally able to start our year right (we go by the school year, since we take the summer off)… Had a great turnout and got a few quilts worked on. Even had a new guest show up for a few hours (Welcome Lois!).

Thanks to Kathy, our super quilter, who brought in 102 Pocket Prayers.... We sure were in need- we were down to one left in the basket!

These are the quilts that moved a little further forward. 

"Ripple Illusion"

 With a little (LOTS) help from our 'friends'.... Dee, Norma and Delaney. Others that were there helping were Kathy, Marilyn, Jane, Lois and of course, me (Nancy)

See you all in October...

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Last Meeting before the summer break!

While we only had a few members able to show up, we had a guest, which was lovely. Welcome Melanie! Hope you come again.

Here are some of the quilts we worked on...
this cute little top was made by Janet G. We plan to add a black border (probably 2.5"), a thin white flange, then put it on point and add bright triangles to it. (Kaleidescope is the name, if I have MY way, lol-- I don't think I do too often).

 This one, made by Janet G, may get named Attic Windows in the Cabin, or Broken Attic Windows. A UFO, she found in her house. It needs a backing, binding and label.

This one is Janets' 2nd wonky Stars quilt. Maybe "Wonky Stars in Plum Sauce" or "Wonky Stars 2". We just need to turn and finish the binding. Norma took it home to finish.
 HA! THIS is the famous "Jar quilt".... we started it years ago (my crazy idea), and since there is no pattern for it, it's taken forever to think of how it should be put together., The rows are pretty much in place, but we haven't put the jars 'on the shelves' and put the pantry shelves together. It WILL get done soon! (Maybe I'll sneak it home this summer and work on it.... shhhh)

this wonky little top was donated (by whom?) and had a lot of tearing apart and fixing before we could add the pink border on it. The funny thing it, the border fabric matches some of the little square blocks!! Who knew!??

This quilt will go to a man in Toronto/New Brunswick Canada. I met the family two years ago and they had my PBPQ card still.... The dad has stage 4 lung cancer. They got in touch with me and voila, they are getting a quilt. Everyone decided THIS was the quilt to send. Hope he likes it!
Canada Geese Going Home

Thanks to Dee, Delaney, Melanie (guest), Janet and Aunt Norma (oh yeah and me) for coming!! Even if we had a short day of it. I was home before 2pm!

Monday, April 2, 2018

March meeting.....

 Janet straightening the batting/layers to pin-baste.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Last meeting for the calendar year....

Yes, we ARE meeting today, but it will be 9am-2pm most likely, as my mom has been in the hospital (brain bleed/stroke) all week and in the process of being moved to rehab. I need this meeting for stress relief.
Dee and Delaney are making Chili and Zucchini muffins for lunch. Come enjoy serving others.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

October Festival....

 A great meeting with 6 of us showing.. Thanks to Deanna for making a delicious Butternut squash soup and Kathy for showing up with some quilts finished.
Birds in the Trees

Close up of this beautiful quilt

This one gave us fits about its name. These were the choices: Red Diamond Edge, Diamond Ripples, Any Which way, Crooked Framing. So any suggestions?

 A  small top that we tried to straighten out. Not sure where it will grow to  yet.

"French Floral Mendala"
This one was a donation from Marilyn from a firefighter in her condo.

This is a panel from Marden's that we cut apart and put heartstring blocks with fall colors to make a framing design.

Although this quilt was supposed to be square, it's not. We're just gonna bat it, back it and bind it. Done!

One of the last ones that Mary Ellen made. We put a navy thin border, with a wide cream border and will bind it in the same navy. The terra cotta thread will tie in the center of the strings and we'll machine quilt a wavy line through the lattice work.

Thank you ladies!!!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Start of our 10th Anniversary!!

Welcome back (this coming Saturday) to our 10th year!! We'll be meeting at St Mary's Episcopal church at 9am-3pm in Anderson Hall (Church ST side of the church). Bring your lunch if planning to stay for the day, or stop in for an hour or two.

We have plenty of quilts that we are sending to those displaced by Hurricane Harvey. I tried to fit them all in one box but alas, I couldn't lift the flippin' box!! HAHA. Now to find smaller boxes to put them in. Thanks to Jane Perrin (Project Linus fame) for donating 8 quilts for kids!! Pictures to be posted soon.

These next four were made by Kathy Siddons over the summer...  This first one was made by using leftover music fabric from Marilyn (she made placemats with the music fabric.) They are each made as a present.
Music is a Gift

Yellow Acres
One of my favorites!
Notice the kitty ears on the side borders? They may be 'resting,' but they are listening,
Cats Hear Everything
This is just a few gray arrow designs (with a bright thin streak )... we need one more and then we'll use it as a center medallion for a future quilt.

This pile of blue strips will be put together for a backing for our blue stripes heartstring quilt (laying under the strips)... the reveal will have to wait for next month.

This is a quilt top made by Mary Ellen (dec.) a couple of years ago. We plan to add a navy blue thin inner border, with a cream wider border, then play it from there. The backing is pieced and will be enlarged to fit the top.

This is Delaney's first quilt. She is 16 yrs old, so don't think we're a bunch of old ladies! LOL... I think it's beautiful.... it's made without a pattern per se. The basic blocks are our heartstring blocks.

Auditioning a thin cream strip with an outer orange strip and maybe a larger fabric border that will be used on the backing.
Alberta's fabric

Heavy Cargo & Picket Fence

Janet's Wonky Stars
Blessed quilts on Sunday morning....

Thank you ladies!!!!