Monday, January 16, 2017

Finally First meeting done!!

Well we had a great turnout for our first meeting of 2017. All but two of our members were here- Marilyn and Norma missed! Here are photos of the Jan mtg.
Kathy was busy in the two months that we've not met for.... wow. Just wow.

" Lasagna Rose"

" Autograph Quilt"

"Barnyard Buds"

"Tipsy Tumblers"

"Tipsy Tumblers"- back
 These are two tops that Janet had worked on recently (at home) and brought in for us to see what we might have to put for the backing. We ALL LOVED this one!!!!
Janet's holding her "Wonky Starburst" quilt.

"Blue Crystal Heartstrings"
Dee and Margaret working on "MELA" (Mary Ellen's Last Act). Mary Ellen was one of our members who wasn't able to come to our meetings over the past year or so, due to caring for her husband, but always seemed to donate a quilt, quilt top with backings and bindings, or 'homework' heartstring blocks. Since her heartstring blocks always 'matched', we would put them in the center (or off-center) as a medallion, then build the other blocks around them. 

"Mela"s front peaking out....

Here is one of Mary Ellen's 'medallion' centers, that has the purple 'flags' twirling around them. This was a homework project for the group.
"Green Mono with Purple Flags"
 Yes, I do let them eat lunch... haha. The rest of the lunch crowd must have been in the kitchen heating up their food/ getting their drinks.

This is the front of our beach panel quilt (not named yet). We spent the afternoon working on the backing, which we're piecing together to make it a 2-sided quilt.
And if you don't sew, design or some other duty, we can always use someone to iron! Something for everyone to do.
Kathy ironing the back for "Blue Crystal HS"
Once they re done, they look beautiful on the wood railings near the altar. We place them here to be blessed on Sunday morning.
"Green Geese panel"
Here is "Lasagna Rose", "Sports Arena", "Autograph Quilt".

Green Geese panel further in on railing

Here is "Barnyard Buds", "Blue Bow-tie", "Tipsy Tumblers" and "Back Doesn't Go" (on the piano).

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

First meeting of the year

While I look forward to our first meeting in the new year (2017), I must say it may get 'delayed'. My dear friend, Sheila,  will be laid to rest on that day and I can't think of a better reason to use our hall, than to honor how special she was to our church, our group (not only as a recipient and benefactor) and as part of our family (she shares the role of Godmother with me) to my grandson, Malakai.
We will reschedule our first meeting to the 14th of Jan, same time, same station.

Sad news...

It is with much sadness that I report the passing of one of our quilters, Maryellen Z. She spent much of the last year at home caring for her husband, so to get word that she passed peacefully in her sleep on Dec 31st 2016 was definitely surprising. Staying away from our meetings never stopped her from creating quilts or blocks that were 'homework' and mailing them or delivering them to the group. Know that you brought MUCH comfort to our recipients and to us. May God hold you in the hollow of his hands.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Stragglers being finished...

This was made by Janet G and finished by Kathy S. I call it "Sports Arena" since the variety of sports fabrics are amazingly diverse. Thanks, Kathy!

Blue Bow-Ties
This next one is a "Blue Bow Tie" quilt also made by Janet G and machine quilted and finished by Nancy.

Just finished sewing part of the binding on the Green Ducks  panel quilt. I'll hand stitch the other half this weekend.
Need to put a label on the "Amish Harvest" and it's done.
Need to trim the ties on the first two quilts in this post and they are done.

Check back with this post as I'll be adding more as they get done, between now and Jan 2017.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Last meeting for the year!

Had a great turnout! All but two members (Norma and Jane) weren't able to come. We did get lots done. Here are some photos...
Kathy made this quilt and brought it in...LOVE the veggie back! Naming it "Amish Harvest"

 Kathy and Margaret working on the "Sport Arena" quilt.

Dee and the "Green Geese"  quilt, figuring out what color ties to use.

"Back doesn't Go"
Janet brought in this top to have it 'flanged' and batted. It will get brown ties in the center of the beige squares.

Delaney working on the design (you'll see our several different choices further in this post).

This backing will go perfectly fine! The name at the moment is " Back Doesn't Go", since the cutter at the fabric store didn't think the backing would go with this quilt. HA! Take that!! It's lovely.

"Bow Tie" quilt.... machine quilted by Nancy, made by Janet G. and will be bound by Marilyn.

Here are our choices for design. Which do YOU like?

This is our choice.

Another purple Heart string quilt... this block looks different, depending how you spin the four sections.

Centers are now the corners.

Delaney working on the next quilt.

Dee looking at the backing for the Beach quilt. See the plans working in her head?

Cut the row of beige Heartstring blocks in half lengthwise. Put them on top and under the panel that we cut off from the front- it made the front too long.

Batted and ready to tie... (see the flange?-outer edge.
" Back Doesn't Go"

Marilyn working on the binding of Blue Bow-Ties. Nice work ladies..... See you in 2017!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

October meeting- FULL crew- 5 quilts Blessed!

 We had a great time at our October meeting.... with the exception of one ( who had car trouble and knew she may not stay the whole time), we had our full crew; Marilyn, Nancy, Jane, Dee, Delaney, Janet, Norma, Kathy.

Kathy had made some quilts for Jane's Project Linus that were adorable
 While I would have named them if they were for our group.... I'll refrain. (Boy, is that a tough thing to do!)
This is so sweet!

 Such detail in the panels.... Nice Job, Kathy!
And some for our group (beautiful!). This one below is a variation of a pattern called Mountains Majesty (Kathy  added 4-patch blocks in to vary it).
"Mountain Journey"
 She even used some of her fancy stitches on her new machine to quilts "mountains' into the borders. So clever!

Mountain Journey Back
The back almost looks Native American. Leave it up to Kathy not to waste any of the scraps!

"Jungle Fever"
This cute kid/teen sized one used a panel that she got from Jane's Project Linus one. Love the use of Amish blocks in it.
 She even used jungle fabrics on the backing.
jungle fever -back
Then we just got onto ones that we needed to finish. This is a blue monochrome with Delaney's choice of borders.
"Blue Border Mono"
 My Aunt Norma spent her time hand sewing the binding on the lovely green one that Mary Ellen created for us.
 Kathy is pinning the wheelchair sized rail fence that  I (Nancy) donated. The back is one big rail fence piece. Delaney is 'designing' her thoughts in the air, lol.
 Janet even got to be there (yes, we do give our crew 'breaks'!)
 Kathy is finishing the Red/Pink Mono quilt by machine sewing the binding that is folded over from the back.

Janet and Delaney prepping a quilt for the next meeting by cutting a piece of batting for the sandwich stage.
 This little cutie is a panel that we made cream/beige heartstring blocks for it. Not sure on the layout yet, but we worked through it during the meeting. Do we add the blocks all around?

Or down the middle, like a boardwalk? And halfway along the bottom?

Red/Pink Mono is done!

So is Mary Ellen's "Green Lattice HS Fence". Nice Job ladies!!! Thank you all.