Sunday, June 15, 2014

Longest Event Ever!

Okay, maybe it's because I just got back to work, then just took a vacation, THEN planned this event, but it was the longest 6 hours ever! (Actually, I think we left early). BUT. We did get a lot done....

Kathy brought in a few finished baby quilts. This first one, I think is named "Go Fish!", very bright and perky.
 This next one she did, has snowball blocks in it, but they are all beach scenes, so I named it" Snowballs at the Beach"... There is a closeup of it too.

 I had forgotten she'd taken all the red, white and blue fabrics home to use them up. She made two Quilt of Valor quilt tops to send to Alycia Carmins in CO (also made a pillowcase for each one). I'll send them off this coming week. This one looks like "American Leftover Diamonds"-- very sparkley.
 This one I'll call "Mountain Waves" .

 This one was set up, but we didn't have enough time to work on it. We did decide it needs the deep blue 2" border around the outside and them the purple print (bottom right) for the outer border.
 Nice to see Janet G back !!! AND in remission! (The jar quilt is in the back)
 Mom loves to hand sew the bindings on, so she did that while Lynn and Nancy talked "business' for a while.
 These quilts are all set with batting, but just needed the backings widened. These will be tied at the next meeting.

 This quilt needs the backing widened (which we did) so it's ready to go for the next stage. The pink is for the binding, I think.
 Removing pins is important.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the Jar quilt.... We did get the edges of the rows widened, but haven't made them all even yet. I have that one at home for the summer. Hope to work on it once my air conditioner is installed...(Honey?)...Off for the summer.... see you in Sept!

Friday, May 16, 2014

quilts blessed in May

Lime Green Surprise
Just a few of the quilts we had blessed after Easter... enjoy the eye candy

This one has a unique name, formed from the fact that it matches the tiles in the area of the church's floor plan that shape the top of the cross.
Top of the Cross
 This area above the quilt IS the top of the cross.... below the stairs  underneath the quilt, is the horizontal walkway that forms the arms of the cross, and behind the photographer is the bottom of the cross (all the way to the Narthex). It was donated by Donna Indeminico.

Wine by Moonlight

Kathy calls this one Knick knack paddy whack (dog prints on the backing)

Another one from Kathy S....
Smile Tweetie

Why did we name this one what we did?
Because it's black and white and read (red) all over.... get it?
Newspaper Strings

This was made from Happy blocks that the group made a few years ago.

spider blocks

This is the most we've ever gotten finished at one time, but we DID have a 6 hr Sat day to get them done in. Nice job ladies!!!
Mary Ellen's Mountain Majesties.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Marden's trip 2014

Well, we planned the trip according the the weather (kept getting snowed out all winter, either here or there), but unfortunately we switched the day one day ahead, so it'was Bonnie's day off (Manager of the Fabric dept). Next time, Bonnie.

Here is what we ended up with though.... great day (the group only ran a total of $108, with $100 of it being a donation from Dee, one of our members). Thanks, Dee.

This is the pile when I finally got it home. Of course, our tops are intertwined (so I can keep track of which fabric bought, goes with which top.
The pile!
  When Jane and I saw this great purple gray panel fabric, with the word 'believe' in it, we needed to bring it home. Nice that we found the purple and aqua fabrics to go with it.
Totally new stuff!
We loved the paroon and yellow striped fabric for this top, but we knew we'd have to widen it, so we chose this maroon tone on tone fabric for a middle stripe down the back.
Maroon Blue Belly
 This quilt top was picked a swirly red print that we'll split diagonally to widen  the backing.
Red Blue Belly
 This one will get warmed up by the brown in the backing. Also will get split diagonally to widen.
Cozy, warm bellies
 This is one of our serged quilts that we combined with another to make it larger. The prints are very 'vintage' and 1940-1950s type, so this lovely yellow print fit it's style just fine.
Kitchen Sink Squares
 This panel was bought last year at Marden's for a potential backing, but no one wanted to use it as a back, so we got a pretty pale grass green print to back it with... sweet.
 This hearstring quilt will get widened with the red stripe as an inner border, the blue stitching stripes as a wide outer border and the beige pieced backing is already made (let's see if it needs to be widened after we add the borders to the front).

Great fabric for a strippy quilt!
 Great deals on sewing machine needles and threads (also, my red fabrics from Marden's will go good in a baby quilt- or two). These last two are my personal projects, but always nice to put a piece of Maine in them...
Thing One and Thing Two supplies

Border fabric for the Selvedge quilt

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday's event was 'Mahvelous'!


That's all I can say. We had a great turnout at the Sat "Tying to Quilt" (Dying to quilt) event. There was our usual members, me, Margaret, Jane, Anna, Kathy, even Mary Ellen stopped in with a couple of quilts to drop off (she'd done them at home). But then we had people we don't see very often, Dee and Delaney (and brother, Dalton). And Lo and behold, we had other members of our church show up, Donna, Lynn, AND my Aunt Norma (who was having my husband work on her car for a few hours, so he dropped her off to 'keep her busy', LOL.

Kathy's paper pieced Hexagons, called "Knick Knack Paddywack"
Kathy's cutie I'll call, "Smile Tweetie"

16-block RWB heartstring section

"Talk about Spring!"-Mary Ellen's HS quilt

"Wine by Moonlight"-Mary Ellen's HS quilt

SO much got worked on. Most of what we worked on was sandwiching quilts together and tying, although they had me machine-quilting a few, through the centers (diagonally), around a border on others. We have four done to the stage of rolling the binding over to the front and sewing or trimming so we can to the bindings. (Mom, you'll be getting a few quilts to work on).
Delaney and Anna tying

Margaret pinning a binding

Margaret, Jane and Kathy deciding on the backing

Some choices just don't make it into the quilt

We did get a quilt donated to our group from Donna I., who found it in her stash at home. Of course, we'll find it a home. We also made plans (tentatively) to take some quilts that need backings up to Maine to Marden's! Hopefully, we'll go on Tues, April 15th.

To be continued.....

Friday, April 4, 2014

Saturday's 6 hour event!

This Saturday is the second of our 6 hour events that are held three times a year. Hopefully this will be the last time we meet to sandwich quits together in a large quanity. I have made a request (actually, I think it was stronger than a request) to the ladies that if any quilts are made at home to bring in, it must be finished (sans a label). This way we will prevent our unfinished objects (UFOs) to soar higher than we can reach.

I also have some GREAT ideas to work on, but can't see starting new projects when the old ones are hanging around...

"Tying to Quilt" will be the theme of this event. Yes, we'll be tying quilts. Not too exciting, but I hope to have plans to work on the 'Jar quilt' we started a while back. Since there is never any patterns to my creations, I really do have to plan a lot for the sections to work well together. It will be a special quilt. It will have to be used in a very special way.

Some of the projects I'd like to see in the future...

1. The Bank of Beijing has some Chinese coins we'd like to put together.
2. Another bingo quilt?
3. Rainbow HS quilts
4. I spy quilts, using snowball blocks.

Just some ideas to bring up to the ladies....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fundraiser and a quilt

One of our latest quilts, "Marching to First Base" went to a little 4 yr old boy with leukemia. He lives in town and one of our local luncheonettes offered to give 20% of the days profits to his medical expenses. I decided that in addition to having lunch there with my mom, we'd bring him a quilt to cuddle with. I hope it 'works'.... (lunch was delicious!!). Hope this makes you well, Gavin!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March meeting update

Just wanted to update you all on the progress from the other night.

We had a good turnout; Jane P, Kathy S, Anne R, Margaret M, Muriel and Nancy. 

Muriel is working on the binding on Margaret's Green D9P (with pink binding),

I finished tying the gray ties into the Lime Green/Red and Gray quilt that Kathy put together, but I haven't found the right shade of  gray binding material in my stash. I'll have to go to Joanns (darn, lol). I think I'll call it Lime Green Surprise! 

I have the 'serged squares' quilt that I have to machine-quilt this month. Hope to have it done by April's mtg.

I added borders and cornerstones (offset-due to lack of enough fabric that we had in stash- so we improvised) to the little pink one that Kathy made. Really adorable. The border fabric really sets it off. Not sure what to call this one, as it looks like the pinwheels are fenced in some wealthy person's yard. Any suggestions? (my thought is "Quartermaster"...)

* * * Don't forget that the April mtg will be on April 5th from 9am-3pm (Sat). Bring a lunch to enjoy. I'll figure out the dessert and drinks. Not sure of the "theme", but it will probably be another sandwich/deli theme as we'd like to finish ALL the incomplete quilts that we have in house. I have a few that will need to go to Maine with me in May (to Marden's) and may take some Project Linus quilts to cover the cost of the backings we need (if that's okay with Jane).

Okay, the Margaret news... Keep her in your prayers as she called this morning to say she was flying to FL as her son isn't probably gonna last very long (kidney transplant, has had seizures/ small strokes and is in a coma at the moment. They told her to come down if she can as they don't expect much more...sad.

But on a lighter note, we'll show you a quilt she just finished (pie quilt pattern). Just lovely- some of my favorite color/combos.