Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 6th workshop

We had a reasonably good turn out... Six ladies showed up to work on various projects.... Some of the day was spent helping one of our members who has been working on some tops decide what to do with them. This one just needs a label... "Sunny Patch" was a top that was 'quietly donated' by a lady who serged the 6" squares together. We sewed two of her tops together so it would be big enough, then put a bright yellow backing on it to also use it for the binding.

 This was another of Janet's tops.... Pattern is "Turning Twenty" I believe.

 Brenda and Margaret binding "Birds are Back"...
This is the top of that one....originally bought for a backing to another quilt, but the ladies decided to make it a front.
 One of Janet's that she needed to decide what to do for a binding...we trimmed it and she has enough from the backing to roll to the front for a binding.

 Janet also gave us a demo on doing a pattern for a quilt she wasn't so fond of. Funny, because the rest of us LOVED it! Here it is having an addition (orange flange) to become a bigger quilt!

The demo is here in photos....Cut and sew four strips of fabric together length-wise (we made strips the same size width, but they don't have to be),

 Cut several squares using the width of the strip set as your size square.
 Take two of them, one turned to the side and fold the right square onto the left square.
 Sew all around the four sides completely

 Cut diagonally, one side then the other (making an 'X' with your cuts. (see next two photos)

 This is what ist should look like
 Open each triangle up and press flat.
 You should have two of each pair.
 Arrange them as you like....

 then sew the four squares together to make one block....
This is the finished quilt if you did it with a scrappy look to it. I love it! Thanks, Janet... it was fun.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Where are quilts go....

This is from one of our members who brought some of our quilts to a local cancer center....  

Hi Nancy,
         hope the trip to Marden's went well.
I want to share where 3 of our quilts are.  I took 7 quilts to ST Fran Cancer center last Thursday. It was a treatment day for me. Things are going very well for me.
My nurse took each quilt out of the bag and exclaimed how WONDERFUL each one was.
     A while later she came back and said 'I have the perfect person for this quilt'. It was the quilt I made with Marilyn's Thimble Berry jelly roll. I had just put the label on it on the day before.
A 2nd nurse came in and asked me about that quilt and our group  Her patient was elderly and was going to the Oncology/hospice floor. The nurse and the patient were just thrilled that she was given the quilt. She told her nurse that the colors match her house exactly !
    Little later a 3rd nurse came in. She asked about the quilts and hugged me ( i was attached to my chemo IV). She had a patient who just found out she relapsed for the 3rd time with Ovarian Cancer. She was coming in on Friday to start treatment again. The nurse said the teal and brown quilt was just PERFECT for this young woman ! God works in odd ways, as I had asked my nurse if possible, I would like the teal quilt to go to an Ovarian patient. Teal is my favorite color and also the color for Ovarian cancer. What are the chances that on that very day, the perfect recipient would be found ?
    After my first IV was done, my nurse said come with me. She took me to meet another patient who was given the Bubbles in the Grass quilt. Very Bright and Cheerful. The patient was staying in a rehab center (she also was elderly). She loved the bright colors and was so grateful for the quilt ! She told me that when she went back to the rehab, the other residents would be jealous. I explained about our group and how the quilts are a double blessing.  We were blessed to make and enjoy the process of the quilt and again blessed that the recipient enjoyed the quilt.
   The staff is just so happy and excited about our quilts. None of the quilts were large, they were the perfect size. The quilts seemed to find the person who needed them most.
I have several more tops in progress. So rewarding for me to know the enjoyment I get from making a quilt brings comfort and happiness to some one when they need it.
      We need to keep on sewing. So many hearts are touched by our quilts.,

Board (bored) Basting a quilt

Board Basting
 I found this on Pinterest recently (from Pat on Color Me Quilty?'s blog) and while I've done this with pool noodles, I like this better. Granted, I haven't tried this one yet, but the pool noodles roll off the table unless you keep an eye on them. These won't, I'm sure. I figure since we never make a quilt more than a large couch size quilt, I should be able to get away with boards that are about 65" long, since I don't think I'll make any quilts wider than that.

Try it and let me know what you think!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Marden's 2015

FINALLY got to MARDEN"S!! And as soon as I get to photograph all the tops and backings I bought to finish them, I'll post photos. Had a lovely day, Got to see Bonnie our 'favorite' manager up there! Was such an enjoyable visit between the five that went, we went right by our exit! Had to come back 14 miles to be back on track... that will teach US not to pay attention. LOL....
Did have beautiful weather to finally get to go! Only spent $127 for our backings! (and I actually bought some fabrics for myself!)