Sunday, November 9, 2014

Amazing what these ladies do when I'm sick

I had to cancel October's meeting, but came back with a vengance (kind of, lol) for Nov, because I knew were wouldn't meet in December (church's schedule is crazy). Mary Ellen brought it two beautiful quilts, one in my favorite colors/Purple and batiks, no less (I'm calling "Royal StripTwist")... and a beautiful paper pieced block of the month quilt (I'm calling "Early Snowflakes", since it came to us in November and looks like snowflakes- each one different). These both need labels.

"Shifting into Gear"
Kathy brought in a cute jungle-y one and a shifted pattern (which I'm calling "Shifting into Gear"). The jungle-y one, I'm calling "Wild Thing" will go with the quilt "Wild Fences" to my grandson Felix, who was hospitalized and brought into surgery for a Diaphramatic Hernia at the age of 4 days old. His twin sister, Phoebe and big brother Finn will be getting one also (have to contact Jane P for a Project Linus Quilt for Finn). We worked on three quilts and got one to the point of the binding on it before we left. I pinned the binding to the other side and had my mom (who doesn't make the meetings anymore- 86 yrs old with Alzheimers) sew the binding on it. All it needs now is a label. I'm calling it "American Farmer", since the backing on it looks like hay.

"Wild Thing"

center of "Wild Thing"

"Royal StripTwist"

Beautiful border on "Royal StripTwist"

Backing was perfect

Paper-pieced by Mary Ellen, called "Early Snowflakes"

backing for "Early Snowflakes"

"American Farmer HS" quilt

backing for "American Farmer HS" quilt
Lots of ladies attended this meeting, Jane P, Kathy S, Mary Ellen, Margaret M, Anna R, me, AND Jane G- been missing you , but glad you're feeling goo enough to attend...and Lee made an appearance to help set up tables. Thanks to all the ladies.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sad news.

I always hate to post these types of posts.

One of our recipients passed away. She had had a stroke while in the hospital for a virus of some kind. Then went to rehab and had another stroke there.

Her funeral service is tomorrow. RIP Shirley.