Friday, May 16, 2014

quilts blessed in May

Lime Green Surprise
Just a few of the quilts we had blessed after Easter... enjoy the eye candy

This one has a unique name, formed from the fact that it matches the tiles in the area of the church's floor plan that shape the top of the cross.
Top of the Cross
 This area above the quilt IS the top of the cross.... below the stairs  underneath the quilt, is the horizontal walkway that forms the arms of the cross, and behind the photographer is the bottom of the cross (all the way to the Narthex). It was donated by Donna Indeminico.

Wine by Moonlight

Kathy calls this one Knick knack paddy whack (dog prints on the backing)

Another one from Kathy S....
Smile Tweetie

Why did we name this one what we did?
Because it's black and white and read (red) all over.... get it?
Newspaper Strings

This was made from Happy blocks that the group made a few years ago.

spider blocks

This is the most we've ever gotten finished at one time, but we DID have a 6 hr Sat day to get them done in. Nice job ladies!!!
Mary Ellen's Mountain Majesties.