Friday, May 4, 2012

Another shipment off-Tornado Quilts

Today I sent off another shipment of quilts (actually, they were donated from the quilt-a-thon we had at church in March for Project Linus) to Sarah B in KY. She will see that they get to the victims of the tornadoes in the midwest. I'm including four pillowcases to wrap up the adult ones for delivery.

We sent off 10 baby/child quilts along with a good assortment of stuffed animals. We can't see sending a quilt to a little kid who's lost all their toys (or had the ones they found to be dirty/damaged), without also giving them something to cuddle up to.

Thanks to Jane who is in charge of the Project Linus event for donating these quilts.

Thanks to Ruth who donated some of her cherished teddy bears. There were only two that couldn't fit in the box of quilts, so we donated them to the church's annual May Fair (if we couldn't use them, that's were they were headed anyway).

We couldn't do it without the support of our family at church!!