Sunday, July 26, 2015

Project for those who are interested....

anyone that wants to do womething over the summer, on their own.

Premmie Project

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Quilts for the summer!

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For those of you that don't, Enjoy the eye candy.

This is a cute quilt that will have to go to someone special (a farmer of sorts), the black and white fabric on the back has feed and grain type wording...I've named it "Holy Cow!"

This quilt was given to a 65 yr old lady who having a rough time with her chemo treatments for pancreatic cancer. I've named this one "Jelly Jam Blues" (doesn't it look like stripes of raspberry jam...?)

This quilt has got split log cabin blocks in it and makes me think of "Raspberry Limeade" (raspberry, lime binding and hopefully it will 'aid' someone getting well...see how I come up with the names?)

There was also many, many Pocket prayers that Kathy made... we were running low. Thanks, Kathy! (Nice that one of us has air-conditioning in her sewing room!)Enjoy the next photos of our "pocket prayers"... of which several were taken after they were blessed on Sunday morning.

 Here's the basket they are in... located in the Narthex (entrance of the church) at St Mary's Episcopal church. If you need one, let us know (we can mail them out too). - Kathy calls them "Hot Pockets", but that name is taken