Thursday, August 29, 2013

Re-cycling in Vermont

Every year, my family heads to VT for some time at a family cabin. My mom always had a week there  and I usually head up at the end of her vacation, to help shut the cabin down. This is one of the quilts I had to work on..."Mountain Majesties" is the pattern, but I joined them so I could call it "Pawlet Mountain Trails" (after all, I'm on Pawlet Mountain).

 Really do love the colors on it and will use scraps of the golds/creams for a backing. Needed to just add the one last column, then straighten out a few of my seams.
 I think this will be close to what I name one of these quilts...."Cycling in Vermont". It was requested by a parishioner for a friend who is ill and they love motorcycles. She bought us the cycling fabric (and a bribe-food-, lol...never needed, but appreciated) and working with was I had on hand, I thought the deep blue was perfect. Since it was cycling' fabric, I thought I'd use my selvedge edges (the parts you all throw away!) to brighten up the quilt. (I found it hard to lay this quilt out inside the cabin...did I forget to tell you the cabin is a one-room building-unles you count the bathroom?)

Well, at least I have the deck outside (as big a floor plan as the cabin itself). I think this will be the plan far. 
 If I need to make it longer,I'll add two strips (2.5" finished) above and below.I'll fill in the muslin with more selvedge edges to carry the theme throughout the quilt.
 This is the bunkbed I slept in...bottom one. But I found a small end table from the porch for my machine, and used the dresser as my cutting table. Worked for me. You are actually looking at a quarter of the room! Oh, did I forget to tell you it's a one-room cabin? yeh......(I'm leaning against the other bunkbed to take this photo)

 Nothing like having an ironing station on the back porch. It isn't very wide, but it doesn't need to be. Can't wait until we go to the first meeting to see what else we can do for these two quilts!

A few more quilts delivered!

It's wonderful when you can deliver the quilts yourself, some people are really surprised that you thought to give them one, so it was nice to be able to have some nice big quilts for them.
This quilt, "Angel Among the Stars"  went to Pat, a parishioner who just recently had total shoulder replacement. (It matches her couch perfectly).
The quilt was made by Mary Ellen Z. with scraps from all her fabrics. She took a project I assigned with 'wonky stars' and made it really great! The quilting was done by Laura McCarrick, co-owner of Quilting by The Yard quilt shop in Vernon, CT, who quilted angel wings into it....Beautiful work, Laura!

Mary Ellen also made this "Road to Oklahoma" quilt....When you step back, you get to see the stars. This went to Alycia, a lady in town who is going through kidney dialysis, waiting for a transplant.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Something fun to try, before we meet in Sept/Oct.

The woman we send our Quilts of Valor to (in CO), is having a Big Blowout Block Drive and is offering prizes..... Anyone wanting to play with these blocks is welcome to send her some. Good luck and have fun!!! Thanks Alycia for doing this fun event.

Monday, August 12, 2013


I never talk about our funding much, but I'd like to take a moment to thank some people. The Emblem Club of Manchester #251, for their donation. Also, Shirley, a parshioner. Sometimes we have no clue as to the way we touch those who receive our quilts, but then, ...sometimes we do.

Obviously, "Someone" wants us to continue. Okay, God, we will....

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hot Pockets!!

No, not the food... These are what Kathy called her 'collection' of Pocket prayers done during the heat wave for two weeks. And what a collection she has made for us! Just enjoy the 'eye candy'.
(Try and keep count of the new ones...did we tell you that some or two-sided designs? )
Some of adorable all on their own...animals (mostly cats or dogs). 
 I think one is hiding under the bottom right one.... don't forget to count.
 Nice framing of the cat.
 There were many that were duplicates, and sometimes in photographing them I tried to vary where I placed the duplicates.

 Then I decided to have them photographed by 'themes'... the soft muted cools colors.
 The ladybug collection...
 Ladybugs and florals
 More cool collections...
 Cats playing...
 Animals in the house?
 Brights and animals... some of these are reversible.

 and the rest....
 Stacked in piles of ten...yup, totaled 110. So much so, that they didn't fit in the 'blessing basket'.
 See all the bright colors!!! No need to make anymore for quite a while. Thanks Kathy!! You are one powerhouse (and thanks for letting me see the "kingdom'-sewing room).