Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nov Mtg Results

We had a good turn-out for our mtg, and we only had a couple of things to work on... the "Moose quilt #2" (top shown in pieces still). We got it to the 'top' stage and framed it, but we felt we needed to add a little to the top and bottom, so I'll bring it home and see what we can buy for that. I'll also look for backing on it. I hope to work on it this weekend. Last weekend was too busy (babysitting, mtgs at church and good-bye party for nephew going in tot he Navy).
Pat B. has been steadily working on HS tops with a cream center.... FOUR of them... various sizes. Some which she'd like borders on (she doesn't do borders! LOL), so I took one home to see what I have for border materials at home. (I found a few, then bought a few to match).
We even got a few more Christmas stockings done (I have to add 18 hangers to equal amount of stockings). We have a total of 75! Three were crocheted- donated from our last year's "Christmas in New England" Fair at church. (See next post below)

Christmas Stockings Flying to the Troops!

Well, after our last mtg in November, I gathered up the Christmas stockings we were making for the troops and counted ...75 !! Good job ladies!! This photo was taken by Fran B who will be filling them and sending them on to the troops, since I was such a twit for not taking a photo of them before packing them up.
All but, three were fabric--- some quilted, some not. We even had a few tiny red crocheted/knitted 'pouches' to put a candy cane in. We sent them off yesterday to Fran Benson, who's with Operation Care Package, to fill them with all kinds of goodies and send them off to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I really hope this is the last year we need to do this. ... (as in 'end of the war', and the troops can come home!)