Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February mtg-- Can you say... "productive'?

Well, we had a good turn-out and boy, were the girls productive!! Marilyn brought another basket full of pillowcases and Margaret brought in the seven that she took home the 'parts' for. I tried to separate them into kids and non kids, as the non-kids will be going to a local shelter and Alycia's QOV NSF project. The kids ones will go to Conn-Kerr Cancer (drop-off at the CT Children's Medical Center in Hartford).
This group is for the kids...

Here are more for the kids (think we have 29 so far)....

These are the more adult ones for the shelter and Alycia.... I think how we talked about dividing them was to bring all the adult ones to the shelter and have them choose, since they would know how many women and men they usually have stay there....

I found a few more for photos..... I think we ended up with close to 60 pillowcases.

I, originally, thought I'd get the Gold/Purple HS quilt sandwiched, but I realized the ladies were diving into making a back for Chandler's quilt (this is a little girl with Leukemia, who loves the turtle across the street from her house-lives in a pond. Her mom and one of our members know each other from a book club). ... And they were having such a good time with it, I let them go. They found a great block and added a border around it, but then I had to tell them they needed the back to be slightly bigger (at least 2-3" a side) than the front. I should haven't taken a picture of their faces.... :-( We had plenty of the back's border material, so we divided the center panel into quarters.... It worked out fine! And we have a wonderful quilt shop owner, Laura McCarrick, who will be quilting Angel Wings design into it.

And THEN we tossed around a few ideas for our Strips and Strings Log Cabin blocks, pattern from Mary's Heartstring blog. This was one idea...
Or we could do furrows...(is that the name of this pattern?)

Here is Janet's Purple Log cabin.... I'd love to call it Lilac Garden or Lilac Logs. Not sure what it will be til we're done. Isn't it a beauty???

We figured out we have enough to make a 4x6 block purple, a 5x7 block size scrappy and more scrappy blocks for a smaller size, maybe 4x6 blocks (we always add some borders to it to expand them). Works for us!!


  1. What a wonderful endeavor, and beautiful results!

  2. These look great -- I've arranged the log cabin blocks a couple ways but the straight furrows is my favorite.

    Great job on all the pillowcases.

  3. Love all the pillowcases. You gals have done GREAT!!!!!

  4. Impressive!! I like ALL of the log cabin layouts!

  5. WOW - congrats on all accomplished!! The pillowcases look wonderful :)
    Helen in the UK
    (fellow HeartString member)