Monday, August 5, 2013

Hot Pockets!!

No, not the food... These are what Kathy called her 'collection' of Pocket prayers done during the heat wave for two weeks. And what a collection she has made for us! Just enjoy the 'eye candy'.
(Try and keep count of the new ones...did we tell you that some or two-sided designs? )
Some of adorable all on their own...animals (mostly cats or dogs). 
 I think one is hiding under the bottom right one.... don't forget to count.
 Nice framing of the cat.
 There were many that were duplicates, and sometimes in photographing them I tried to vary where I placed the duplicates.

 Then I decided to have them photographed by 'themes'... the soft muted cools colors.
 The ladybug collection...
 Ladybugs and florals
 More cool collections...
 Cats playing...
 Animals in the house?
 Brights and animals... some of these are reversible.

 and the rest....
 Stacked in piles of ten...yup, totaled 110. So much so, that they didn't fit in the 'blessing basket'.
 See all the bright colors!!! No need to make anymore for quite a while. Thanks Kathy!! You are one powerhouse (and thanks for letting me see the "kingdom'-sewing room).

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