Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mtg Faux Pas

Leave it to me (not a sports person-- unless it has wheels, Nascar or skates) to plan a mtg on a night that the UConn Huskies are playing in the March madness basketball games!! (It IS basketball, right?)

I had a great turnout (14 ladies- just about a record!), but a had 4 split within the first hour, then a few more left ahortly after when they heard it was a 'game night'.... but at least those who stayed, helped cut some strips for 'homework'... which for those who didn't stay long enough to find out what that was.... you are making heartstring blocks with a plain black center, then any colors throughout the rest of it... similar to this.
We did get the last row attached to the 'Blue-min' Heart' quilt for the priest's friend, Kipp W. and the lasagna quilt got pin basted (I'll try and SITD this week), and the rest of the lasagna strips were taken home and they've already been returned to me sewn together! Go, Marilyn...
I showed off Fr. Chips quilt, but I'm working on that one at home.... I'll post photos soon.


  1. Your quilts are all so beautiful. I really like doing the string quilts. It is such relaxing work! and with such good results.