Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great progress tonight!

The ladies were so good about putting the ties in the Moose Goose quilt. It was very easy and fast to do. I trimmed the edges and will take it home to put on the binding.
Marilyn took home Father Chips quilt to finish the SITD on the inside border. Once that's done, all we need to do is put the ties into the 9-patches around the outer edge, label and bind it. Done!
The ladies were pretty excited to start another moose quilt for a 10-yr old with lung cancer on Charlotte's Garden. I figure we can have the top put together at the next meeting, since I'm gonna cut up the fabric for them to piece together. We have some leftover moose fabric from the back of the Moose Goose that we'll use. Plus some blues and greens, etc. It should look cool.

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