Friday, November 5, 2010

November means Business!

We had a great Nov mtg, not because we got to see what was accomplished, but we got to see how far we've come and what needs to be focused on. After a brief 'business' mtg, we made some decisions on who would be willing to write thank yous for all the donations we get, who would keep records of where our quilts go and made a decision that's been long in the making regarding tithing 10% of any monetary donations BACK to the church. We are blessed with their generosity to give us the space we have to work on these quilts and their support in our ministry. We even made a few decisions on our lasagna quilts that were done at our last quilting event in the summer.

We also got to do the fun stuff......Sorting through the projects we have in stages (many of them are almost done!), and deciding when and how to finish them. Two quilts were taken home, both to add borders on, then we can decide on the backings and add them to the "Tie one On!" pile. We hope to have another 6hr session in Feb on a Sat to tie all the quilts that are at that stage, then my mom will be inundated with bindings to do!! Go MOM! (She's 82 and sharp as a

I believe we counted 6-8 quilts to tie, so that will be great to finish them. We may at that point have a 'quilt show' of sorts to have them blessed before Easter.

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