Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dec meeting- Back up and Running!

Now that the power is back on (see previous post), we are back in session!
It's always good to get together with the ladies and see what they've gotten done since we last met (some do take home homework!)
And of course, we have a moment of personal 'Show and Tell".
This is a quilt by Margaret M (on right), who didn't really start quilting until we got this group together in 2007 (although I think she sewed some)... Great job! (This is a gift for someone who picked out the fabrics for her (Margaret doesn't like orange).

She had the quilting done by the lady who sometimes quilts our charity quilts, Laura McCarrick. Love the teapots, since I'm a tea drinker. 

This one is so rich with color, and the color of the varigated thread is 'prime'!

Last one she brought wasn't further than a 'top'.... looks nice, M.

Here is one that Kathy (one of our newest members) worked on. She's made most of the blocks at home and during the meeting, some tied a blue/pink quilt while others placed the blocks for this quilt. Janet, Mary Ellen and Marilyn pinned this out, and Marilyn took it home to put together. Can't wait to see it in January!
Mary Ellen also finished a lasagna quilt (forgot to photo it, but will and will post soon) that I've decided to call, "Lasagna with a Tiger edge", since the binding looks like tiger stripes. I have to put a label on it, then it's done!
We did send off a quilt to Margaret's friend of 30 yrs who is suffering with liver cancer. I have to post the details later (notes are at church). See side bar for which quilt.
If I can get the label and ties and maybe a binding done for the blue;/pink quilt, we may end up the year with 23 projects done!

A ps.... sometimes it's meant for a quilt to go where they go. One of our parishioners came up to me after a service this past Sunday and thought she needed to request a quilt for her sister-in-law who was waiting to hear if her cancer is reoccuring (they are pretty sure it is). If it is what they think it's not good news at all. This lady who will receive the quilt is in her 70's and very small. She loves purple (and don't you know it, we had three to choose from). "Orange Comets" was just the right quilt for her. Glad we can send some prayers and comfort her way... We're praying for you, Bonnie.... (and no, there is no cost to request a quilt, but we also thank those who feel the need to donate to us, so we can continue what we do). Thanks, Kim.

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