Friday, March 16, 2012

Quilts to go to Tornado Victims

This February has been a tough year for the Midwest. They have been devastated by tornados, some to the point of whole sections of town wiped out.

A member of Heartstring Quilt Project ( a yahoo group online), Sarah Buaer of KY, is willing to distribute quilts to those in need in KY and southern IN. We have donated three quilts, leaving our supply down to five.

Donated quilts:
This is Purple Strippy's front....

 and this is the back...

This is Marilyn's black and gray lasagna quilt (couch sized)...
... and this is the Easter Eggs quilt. A great child's quilt.
 Thank you Sarah for doing this......we hope it brings some comfort to some scared kids (and parents).

Update: While having dinner at Bolton Congregational Church on St Patty's day, the 'church shop' co-ordinator donated some afghans, hats and stuffed animals for us to send with these quilts. My grandson, Malakai gave me two of his stuffed animals and my daughter Julie gave some of her gently loved dolls to send. What else does a little kid need (who's lost all of her house/toys/belongings), but a huggable toy and a blankie?

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