Friday, March 8, 2013

March meeting

Had only four ladies show up, then got two more to show, but they could only stay for a short time. Long enough to make sure I could send home some batting for a teal/tan heartstring top that Enid (shown here) brought in (and backing... did the diagonal thing to lengthen it and pinned it so she could sew it together at home). It will be named "Fairies in the Desert".

Mary Ellen brought in a top also, but we didn't have a backing big enough for it (6x8 blocks- hs), but it did make us think we needed to go to Marden's for some backs. It was a beautiful couple of tops they had....Thanks, ladies.

All our intentions were to match up the tops that were finished with backings (and find out who didn't have anything that would match), take notice of the quilts that had bindings and which ones could have the backing wrapped around to the front. It's amazing to see which ones we still had left. Wow....

This is a nice one made by Marilyn L, and I found a nice blue, night sky with moons, but the yellow I had for the binding will hav to go down the middle to widen it. "Snowballs in the Sun".

This backing fabric, never made it to the quilt next to it. We had better choices once we went looking.
This is another blue framed one, haven't named it yet....I wanna name it "Blue Belly", due to the blue squares in the middle (it's belly), but I'm sure it will call a name out when it has one.

This lime green selvedge needs more parts. We need to get more lime green and make 11 more blocks to finish it. The green and brown fabric laying on it are the backing and binding for it.

This little cutie we found wrapped up in some fabirc, that may have been meant for it's backing, but we found a better backing or it. Not sure who made this... but there was another space one with this same space fabric in it. It almost looks oriental... lovely. "Martians on the Move".

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