Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lime I Spy quilt

Sometimes you wonder why a quilt hasn't gone shortly after it's finished... Sometimes it just needs the right home. This cutie, made by Margaret Martin was one of those quilts. It's made in the groups 'signature block', Heartstrings, using a lime green center strip, with loads of fun kid prints on the strips that finish the block.

Ever played "I Spy"....? Find something in the 'fun strips' and say, "I spy...(pick an item in the quilt)." Then the person under the quilt, has to find the strip with it in it. Keeps them occupied and their mind off the troubles they are dealing with.

This one went to Pat G's granddaughter who is 4 yrs old and suffering from pneumonia right now. She's in a local children's hospital and may be for a short while longer. Get better, Daphne....prayers are going your way!

Now I know why it's been here all this time. It was waiting for a little girl to comfort....

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