Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Smallest to Tallest

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I had a variety of requests for quilts.... one is not even finished, but it will be by the time we need to send it 'home'.

If you're wondering about the post title, it's really simple. One request came in the form of an email from a parishioner about her friend who had a papercut on her finger on Monday. I thought it was her, pulling my leg, but then as I kept reading, I realized this was more than what it seemed!  This little papercut, turned into an infection, that wasn't seen as anything drastic, until two days later, it turned her finger black and the finger actually DIED!! She has since had it operated on, and amputated to below her knuckle, removing tendons too. Now her fingers are moved over to fill the space in, but she feels lots of pain (phantom) where her finger used to be! We're sending her this one...
Royal Strip Twist

The second request was more me pushing the quilt in the direction of my daughter's best friend, who was crossing the street in Boston to catch the train, and was hit by a car! She has a few metal plates in her leg now and they think she also broke a few ribs. She has to pass the "walker' test before she can leave the hospital (but she had to eat Thanksgiving dinner there---boo). Hopefully, she'll be home before the end of the weekend. I sent her a quilt that I'd made, but was struggling with to 'let go'. I hadn't decided to donate it (yet), but when we were here after the holiday dinner visiting, I knew it was either go to church and pick out a large one, or give her this one (which was upstairs)... Triptophan won out. Ironically, the name of the quilt had her last name in it!

This one is going to my sister-in-law's BFF who is battling breast cancer for the third time.
American Farmer

This one is one of the quilts requested by a parishioner who has been going through chemo treatments and wanted to offer some warmth and comfort to two other people she sees at her cancer center in Hartford Hosp. I'll send this one and finish the binding on another at my house. It will be blessed when it's done.
Early Snowflakes

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