Sunday, January 18, 2015

First meeting of the New Year...

 Hi everyone!

I was very concerned that there wouldn't be anyone at the first meeting. I knew one member had some surgery to her hand, and one wouldn't be there, but not sure who would. Well, they didn't let me down at all!! We even had guests (the Altar Guild)!

Working on a plaid heartstring quilt that is soooo soft! Love it.

This one we've been working on since June 2012. I made the top with selvedge strips and lime green Center strings, and while we had a chocolate brown binding already made for it, the girls got so carried away with finishing it, that they trimmed and rolled the edge. We'll just save the binding for another quilt.
 This one is one that Janet G made, but she felt it needed some ties or quilting in the blocks without the stars. I'll take it home and sew them in... "Stars Abound"

 This is another quilt (baby) by Janet G... "I spy Blue" may be the name.
" A Dozen Stars out Tonight" may be the name of this one.... lovely one for a boy. or "Star Breaker"

This lime green pinwheel quilt is perfect for a boy or girl. ... not sure of the name yet, maybe "Spinner", but many thanks to all those who come any time we meet.

Here re some updated photos of quilts that were finished after the meeting. This one is the Lime Selvedge Heartstring quilt...finally done! Only started it in 2012.

back of quilt

label made from extra block
 This is my mom, at almost 87 and with Alzheimer's, still keeps busy doing our bindings. She doesn't get to the meetings anymore, but she still is part of our beloved group! Thanks, Mom.
Muriel still able to do bindings!!

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