Friday, May 22, 2015

May meeting a little late

Because our church has a HUGE "May Fair"  (usually the day before Mother's day and this year it was on the 9th), I decided to put off our usual meeting to the 2nd Monday (11th). This way the fair preparations would be over, however, I forgot that it's the day after the last of the fair is taken down. That means people will be tired.... and maybe not show up. 
Well, there were three of us, and one came about an hour late. Better late than NEVER, I say! Thanks to the ladies who DID show up. I must say we got a few quilts finished (almost).
I'll have to post pictures of them later. I don't think I took any. 

One thing that happened GOOD for our group, we were nominated and won a $200 financial award from the CT State Assoc Emblem Club (presented in Windsor, CT). I havd to leave the 'fair' to accept the award and tell them a little about our group. It was very emotional for me as I love this group and I'm SO excited that someone else takes notice of what we do. It's never necessary, but always invigorating. 

A message from one of our parishioners regarding a financial award we received; 
"Congratulations on your award for your work with the Peace to Piece Quilters. You and the other ladies put many hours and your hearts and souls into the quilts which are such a gift to those who receive them. Thank you for all that you do."

We've been recognized by the Manchester Chapter in prior years ($100), but this is now by the State! Thanks so much to the ladies who keep me and this group going!!

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