Saturday, February 20, 2016

Homework done...

Actually, homework is done plus MORE! I finished a red quilt to the point where it needs one more border (and I have the red for it). We'll find a backing for it at the March meeting.
I chose a raspberry red for the inner border because Mary Ellen had a raspberry in her blocks (four of them that were identical)... Looks nice, I think.

This is my 'gray' experiment.... I had to go out and get a few grays since I don't think anyone has many of them. I didn't have many in my stash. I think they have a calming affect... The bright streak through it, will be duplicated on an inner border with gray squares (4" sq) as an outer border. I am not sure how the diagonals will move but I think it could prove to be interesting. (Margaret has previewed it and isn't crazy about it but I think it could work). We'll see as it progresses. I'll post better photos when the lighting is better.

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