Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pocket Prayer Squares and more- Sept mtg

Here are some photos from the latest workshop. First is 137 pocket prayers...  these are for those who don't need a quilt for themselves, but need to have some comfort due to the worries they have for those that NEED a quilt!

We had some people show up to work this day (Margaret, Kathy, Nancy, Dee, Delaney), but Kathy had to bale shortly after arriving, as she wasn't feeling well. She DID bring in two finished quilts and all the pocket prayer squares. Thanks so much for all you can do. Take care of yourself.

This quilt was made by Mary Ellen and sent to us (she's a caregiver at home, but does amazing work for us then donates it-- always with 'extras'). Thanks Mary Ellen. Miss you at workshops, but we all understand.

Margaret finished binding the plaid cream heartstring quilt that will go to a man in Michigan recovering from brain tumor surgery.

Several others were moved to a more complete stage. This one was one of our February monochrome quilts (Red/pink). This was pin basted and will have the backing rolled over and sewn down for the binding (at the Oct mtg).

Janet G stopped by (she's going through more chemo for herself), and took 4 quilts to the St Francis Cancer center in Hartford for those who are chilly and need comfort.

 Delaney (our youngest member, has been working on this quilt at home... needed some ideas on different ways to put it together with interesting designs,. Nice job, Delaney.

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