Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Last meeting for the year!

Had a great turnout! All but two members (Norma and Jane) weren't able to come. We did get lots done. Here are some photos...
Kathy made this quilt and brought it in...LOVE the veggie back! Naming it "Amish Harvest"

 Kathy and Margaret working on the "Sport Arena" quilt.

Dee and the "Green Geese"  quilt, figuring out what color ties to use.

"Back doesn't Go"
Janet brought in this top to have it 'flanged' and batted. It will get brown ties in the center of the beige squares.

Delaney working on the design (you'll see our several different choices further in this post).

This backing will go perfectly fine! The name at the moment is " Back Doesn't Go", since the cutter at the fabric store didn't think the backing would go with this quilt. HA! Take that!! It's lovely.

"Bow Tie" quilt.... machine quilted by Nancy, made by Janet G. and will be bound by Marilyn.

Here are our choices for design. Which do YOU like?

This is our choice.

Another purple Heart string quilt... this block looks different, depending how you spin the four sections.

Centers are now the corners.

Delaney working on the next quilt.

Dee looking at the backing for the Beach quilt. See the plans working in her head?

Cut the row of beige Heartstring blocks in half lengthwise. Put them on top and under the panel that we cut off from the front- it made the front too long.

Batted and ready to tie... (see the flange?-outer edge.
" Back Doesn't Go"

Marilyn working on the binding of Blue Bow-Ties. Nice work ladies..... See you in 2017!

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