Saturday, January 21, 2017

New fabric, new design

Dee's mom had LOTS of this great fabric and when she passed away, Dee donated it to the group. I matched it up with some HOT oranges and some grays and created a block that I think represents our signature block (heartstrings) with a 'twist' to it. Can't wait to make more blocks and put this together. I can see hot orange binding, too!

This is the block (thinking of calling it "Berta's block", since her name was Alberta). Dee gave us the gray fabric with the 'trees' in it.

Close-up of tree fabric
 The I made four of them and lined it up to 'audition' them. I like it! (Anyone find the mistake I made? You may have to enlarge the photo) I figured out with directional fabric, you may want to spend some time 'planning' which direction you want it to go in. Thanks, Dee.

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