Thursday, March 2, 2017

March meeting

While it will be back to being COLD (it's winter, after all), there should be no reason not to show up in a warm building and get some 'quilt therapy'. We have plenty of 'homework' being planned for the next few months and I'll be handing out 'homework packets for April and demonstrating the summer homework (yes, I will have packets, per se to hand out at the June meeting).

Can't wait to see you all. Three more meetings before we take off the summer!

Here are photos from the days workshop... Seven ladies were there. Miss you, Jane and Margaret.
First quilt we worked on was our beach panel. We'll have it done, just in time for summer.
"Sailing Away"
Marilyn did some knitting near the PURR-fectly Purple Heartstring quilt. She matched her yarn to the monochrome quilt.

Even her bag matches the purple theme.
Janet is working on making two more blocks and we'll add another column on the purple quilt. Dee is laying out the pink blocks to widen this back (yes, it's too pretty to be just a back, but sometimes we do that - make them double sided)

OMG! The Boss! We never get a photo of the boss.... while I make them all nervous when I stand of folding chairs, sometimes you have to be up high to see the quilt design from afar.

Can't decide between the layouts of these two...

Norma is putting the binding on, and since she didn't finish it at the end of the meeting, Marilyn will take it home and finish it,
We're hiding the top of the quilt underneath these strips of blue. We'll make the back a striped back and make it interesting, I think I like the top design better (the widths of the blues will vary) and the darl blue fabric on the left will cap off the other side.

"Last of the Blue Bellies'
These are ones that were finished (Blue Belly) and the lower three were made by Kathy during our month away from meetings. What a huge asset she is to the group!

"Blast Off- Contrails"
"Tabby Tans"
"Pretty Pink Pets"
Berts block (homework for the month)
Sample of the Summer homework (just to shoe them selvedge quilts).

My crazy back!

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