Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Yearly Marden's Trip

Every year we try to get to Marden's (in Sanford, Maine), and this year, while it was late, we still had three of us going (unless you add my husband, the driver). We didn't have as many quilt tops to bring up, but we had prospective tops to be worked on that needed fabric to complete. Since none of their fabrics are more than $3.99-$4.99/yd, it's always worth it. AND, since Jane Perrin (Project Linus coordinator) sent 34 quilts up, we got 25.5 yds FREE!! While we didn't see our 'buddy', fabric manager, Bonnie, her crew- Shelby and Leigh-ann -were very helpful and fun to work with. Thanks, Ladies!

The nice thing about getting yardage free is that we can use it as a panel = 1 yd, too. Anything else will be at 10% discount unless it's considered a remnant, then it's 20%. What I did was figure the most expensive panels are considered free, the cheaper ones, I used my 10% discount on.

We stopped at Bonanza for lunch before shopping (that's the tradition, broken only last year, when we tried The Maine Diner)- the salad bar is always a good bet. And we try and hit the ice cream place up the road (Schwann's), but what a surprise! They re-did the inside to a much bigger space!! Nice...

Here are some of our fabric purchases...
Picked out the maroon and the beige fabric for thiw fabric that we'd had.
 Picked up the orange for this panel (we had).
 Picked out the orange and green for the space fabric we had.
 Delaney picked out the polka dot purple to use with this monster fabric.
 Found the yellow fabric and matched it with some purple dye....
 Which can also be used for this top.
 Delaney picked out the parrot panel....
We 'love' this ....

Found some light gray fabric for the top and bottom (to lengthen) of this top that Janet made.
 Fox panel....
 Another geese panel similar to our green geese quilt. But I think I like the light blue in it better, Whole different look,.
Nice trip, but with only three of us choosing fabric, it took longer.

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