Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan Meeting- Fresh Start

Well, It was nice to get together and see what we would start out making for the new year. We had a couple of straggler quilts to finish...and one almost got finished during the meeting (Brindisi quilt).

Janet did a wonderful job piecing and quilting the baby quilt for this premmie (he was born in June and his twin died three days later. He seems to be doing much better, but his quilt was requested by one of the members).
I was hoping to put the missing borders on the QOV quilt, but we really didn't have any border fabric that could match. (Oh, darn, does that mean I have to make a trip to buy fabric??? VBG!!) We do have funds in the church account (all donations) that can be used, so I made a trip during the week and this is what I came up with for addtions to the church 'stash'. We also needed a little bit more beige-y type colors for Father Chip's quilt (the one that's the farthest on the floor in the photo below... I'll post a better picture of it as it gets worked on.) The other two tops are the "Bingo Quilt" and Happy Blocks that I made for the ladies 'samples'.

We found a backing for the "Quilt Bingo" quilt, in the center of the photo. (We took all the 10" bingo blocks that were used at our Dec mtg's bingo game

and Marilyn put them together beautifully, now we had Dot and Pat pick out a backing to go with it.) We even found binding which I'll take home prepare for that stage. I will post a close picture of that one, too.

Miriam and Margaret are busy working on the squares of novelty blocks and their frames.

Lorraine was busy in her spot. These blocks we're making for HeartstringsQuiltProject (Jan-Feb). We'll see what the ladies bring back to the next meeting to see what we send out to this group. We may even have a few tops put together! Here are some of our fun squares!
Can't wait to post more photos.....

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  1. Hope you all have as much fun with the Happy Blocks as I have! I just finished binding the first of two I'm making!