Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb mtg

Well, it didn't seemed like we got anything done at our mtg (productive-wise on our quilts), but the ladies did GREAT on their Happy Blocks for the HeartstringsQuiltProject.
Most of them were done at home and they brought them in.... I thought I did well to do 21, but Margaret did 37, Marilyn did 72 and Lorraine did 147!! Well, Mary, you'll be getting a lot for the Sew-In in March. I may take a look at them and see if we can't put some together for a top or two.

Two ladies worked at sewing the narrow batting together for our QOV quilts. We had some batting donated but it's very narrow.A HUGE roll, and it's free so we're using it.
We had a new member, Enid. I hope you had a fun time and learned a few things about us.

We also had a quick lesson on making chenille scarves... don't know how that started, but I had my fabric for it there and I gave a demonstration. I'll bring the piece in next month.

I also brought in a selvedge quilt I'm making, to show one of the ladies (she found out I was saving slevedges and wanted to know what I was making with them).

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