Monday, June 8, 2009

A Day at the Orphanage!

This meeting will be on a Saturday, from 9am-3pm. July 18th, 2009. Bring a lunch, and I'll provide the drinks and desserts for the day.
Hopefully, we can plan and play with the 'orphan blocks' to rearrange them into some funky quilts. I'll try and bring lots of background material to play with for sashings. Let's see what we come up with! Bring your sewing machine if you feel better using it, but we will have at least 3 set up. Always bring your basic sewing bag (scissors, seam ripper- whom I've decided to call "Jack".... Jack the Ripper?) and we can always use more rotary cutters, mats, etc. Please mark them with your own labels, so you get yours back.
Come enjoy the process!


  1. There are difficulties associated with donating quilts to Africa which many Americans would never think of. Please see the East Bay Heritage Quilters' "Quilts for Africa" page; it explains why the guild needed to suspend the program last month.

    Briefly, in areas with undercurrents of anti-American feeling, being in possession of something from the States can endanger the individual. Or, in poverty-stricken areas, a "beautiful" quilt will be sold for money to feed the family. The worldwide Lutheran Women's Relief Project has experienced this for decades and recommends sending what we would think of as "ugly" quilts; quilts whose primary virtue is their warmth, not their design. (sorry, I don't have a url for you, but a search will definitely get you the information)

    Delivery can also be difficult, given the scarcity of passable roads in Africa.

    These are unpleasant realities, but a new group needs to take the realities into consideration so as not to burn out its volunteers or squander their efforts in vain.

  2. I will make her aware of this if she isn't aqlready. I guess there have been trips by their pastor and will be people who will personally be handing these quilts over, from what she's told me. I wish her good luck!