Monday, June 8, 2009

June mtg-Show and Tell!

This was a night of Show and Tell with the fabrics I brought home from Maine (Marden's). There was a lot of 'ooooh-ing' and 'aaahhhing' and feeling of fabrics. EVERYONE was amazed at the quality of the fabrics I got for $1.99-$3.99. In the local quilt shop, they go for $7.99-10.99! The lady in charge of our annual quilt-a-thon was very happy to get her 'package' of backings for the baby quilts.

Once we put the 'eye candy' away for the night, we got on with the task at hand. Three of the girls got into trimming the batting from the edge of a heartstring quilt for 'Kipp'. He is a friend of our priest, who has brain cancer. Laura McCarrick did a beautiful job machine quilting 'angel wings' (her signature design for us) into it. Thanks, Laura. (You may be hearing from a woman I work with, to do some work on her mom's quilts).

We also trimmed the purple strippy quilt, which I SITD, now it just needs a peach binding. I had it in the 'binding bucket', already pieced together, folded in half and ironed... ready to apply! How efficient are WE?? Somehow I wasn't really pleased with the SITD on this. Notice the 'pulled' stripes, due to my sewing. Not sure how to correct that yet!

Sometimes we spend the evening making decisions. Sometimes we need each other. Just to be there.

This was an evening when a plan comes together. This quilt was a test with our black centered HS blocks. Making an optical illusion was the fun part. And we even have enough to make another one similar to it.
Okay, my initial name for it.... "Psychedelic Star". The other one may get named "Psychedelic Sister".

We sent home "Lasagna for Two" with Marilyn to bind (it was a collaborated effort from Margaret M & MaryEllen on the quilting). She dropped it off to my house in a week. Very fast! It looks great, too! Thanks, ladies...
We got a little publicity in the local papers (submitted electronically to itowns article ). The vestry had asked me to submit something about our group to the papers awhile ago, and I had something written, but it was too long (956 words). They wanted the article to be no longer than 500 words. Talk about how to cut so much out and still say what we're about!...hmmm. Such a shame, because lots got taken out that would have been nice to have stayed in. I'll post the original article for those who would like to read it.
We had to change the date of our 'summer project'... which will be "A Day at the Orphanage" where we'll put together the orpan blocks into quilts. We have quite a few and we may end up with a few more before that mtg (July 18th, 9am-3pm... bring a lunch, ladies). Hopefully it will be as much fun as the last one -- A Summer block Party (I know, it won't be quite as exciting).

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