Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dec Update

I shipped off the Moose quilt 2 to BR on the 18th of Dec, and it should get there in 3 days or so.Oh, and I did take a photo of the back of the Moose quilt2 ... where all the moose REALLY live!

 I also have several different bindings for the Yellow Heartstring quilt, so I'm gonna cut and prepare them since I know we'll use them in other quilts.

I also took the maroon (Cranberry Crush)heartstring quilt home to finish the ties and did that while watching tv. I thought I could be soo smart and trim back the batting and roll the backing over for a binding, but one edge is almost even with the front edge, so I have to trim it exact, then add a separate binding. I did come across a great binding fabric for it, so I finished that one. My grandson, Malakai, decided to 'test the quilt' out and approved. I always wash them before we distribute them, so I didn't mind.

Maryellen brought in the Lasagna quilt and my mom finished the binding on that... we just need to add a label to it.
This is one of Pat B's heartstring quilts (I'm calling it Pat B's 4x5), that we added a dark green inner border and a great faded green/ lavendar floral to the outer border. Looks great, don'tcha think? We'll always have a need for a wheelchair-sized quilt. Good job finding those fabrics ladies!!

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  1. Greetings from New Zealand, I found the link to your blog via Selvege Blog. The Moose Quilt looks wonderful, and I am sure that your sick friend will be really thrilled with it. What a wonderful job you have done.

    Regards from Jenny, New Zealand