Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dec mtg Accomplishments

We had a nice turnout... not as many as I'd like to have had, but we did get a lot done! First some photos....

This is the Moose quilt for a little 10 yr old boy with lung cancer. I'm calling it "Moose on the Loose". I need to take a picture of the back since that's where all the moose really live! It's out second moose quilt for Charlotte's Garden, but made quite different from the first. All we're waiting for is the address to send it to him.
We also had a few quilts to 'finish'. Boy, it's interesting to realize that even in this group, we create UFO's. This top was made by Pat B. Here you see my mom (in the middle), with Maryellen (left) and Enid deciding on the color floss and how close to put the ties.Okay, off they go...

Pat B. brought in 4-5 Heartstring tops she'd put together of different sizes while recuperating from knee surgery. They all had the same/similar fabrics in them, but each one ended up with it's own personality. However, as per usual, Pat doesn't put on borders (she hates making that decision), so Dot and Margaret went through the fabrics we had (and some I brought from my own stash) to find borders. Here is one outer border that we didn't realize would be a perfect fit! The  picture above shows the inner border of deep green. Very classy when we get it done!

Janet G. was also working on the last Happy Block for a quilt for a little girl going through chemo treatments. She was made aware of her through her book club. I will wait to tell the 'turtle story' when you see the posted photo of the quilt in Jan.
Maryellen brought in the "Lasagna for Two" quilt (I'll post a photo soon) that she had SITD quilted, I took it home and trimmed off the batting and rolled the backing to the front for the binding. Mom will hand stitch that, then all it needs in the label.

We also made plans for our quilting event in Jan 16, 2010. It will be called "Cabin Fever"... where we'll be working on Strips and Strings style Log cabin from the HeartstringsQuiltProject blog. Scroll down on this site to see instructions. It will be held at our church from 9am-3pm. see the side bar for details.

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  1. I was just thinking tonight as I finished piecing a HeartStrings top that I was ready to make another Strips & Strings Log Cabin - how funny to read that you all are going to be making some of them too.

    I'm with Pat, I don't like doing borders which is why I make most of my HeartStrings quilts with 48 blocks so they don't need them.