Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two quilts off...

We will be delivering "Lime Lasagna" to a very elderly woman from church who fell in her condo and shattered her arm. It will be a long recovery and felt we needed to send her some comfort. It's the quilt on the left. (This one was Blessed by the Bishop).

We also got Alexa Marie's quilt finished and Blessed at Sunday's service, so I need to contact her grandmother to send this one out. It's a heartstring block quilt in the shape of a star...(the swimming fabric anyway). We didn't have a lot of the swimmers fabrics, so splitting the blocks with string blocks have double the amount of blocks we had to play with.
She is a 9-yr old with cancer in her leg. She had surgery to replace her knee and a rod in her leg, they removed the cancer (hopefully all), so I think it's perfect timing.

This is the back of it... Hannah Montana fabric. The binding is hanging in the plastic bag. WE didn't get a photo posted of it finished, but it is...

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  1. I am LOVING the Lime green Lasagna quilt!!!