Sunday, May 9, 2010

Did you ever have the hiccups?

Our mtg got moved, due to overscheduling, to a Thurs instead of our usual Monday. The only problem was that the turnout wasn't as good as usual and I really wanted to see one of two shows that I love to watch, Survivor, so we made it an early evening. (4 people showed (me included) and then 2 others showed 20 mins before the end of the mtg. not much to get accomplished.
The one nice thing that came about it was tht Enid brought a beautiful bunch (16) of planned blue and yellow heartstring blocks to the mtg and we figured out what to use for as border, outer border, cornerstones and backing. Even the binding color... It will go to a premmie who is now about 8 pounds now. Hopefully, it'll get finished in the next month or so.(Although I'll have to take a photo of it later).
Margaret also made some yellow/blue/novelty prints heartstring blocks (20 of them)- 10 girly and 10 boy-ish prints. She will be doing a little more (12 ) to make two quilts that will be 16 of each. Very cute!!
I will be taking a few quilts with me to Maine when we leave in a week.
The ladies at least each took a few pink/black blocks to slice and dice. It should be all set to put into a top when we get back for the June mtg.
We did have three bags/totes of fabric for Cricket and her homeless quilt project, so I hope to see her at the next meeting.

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