Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our Summer Block Party 2010....

I never got the chance to post how our summer block party went this year.... It was HOT!!! and Wonderful, because we had some publicity in the local newspaper/online version, and some ladies from Wilimantic, CT came to join us. They seemed to have a great time, so I'm assuming it was a hit!

This was how the room was set up....

Here is the 'Post Office' where we are assembling our envelope blocks we started sooo long ago. They are the easiest block to make... figure out the size rectangle you want and using a paper template, figure out what size square to make for the 'flap', as you will cut a square in half diagonally and have two flaps. I put two different fabrics together, sew them around all four sides (right sides together), then cut in half diagonally, turn inside out, and you have two envelope flaps!
Here is the designer's house where we put together two child sized heartstring quilts with bright yellow centers.

Cricket (in red) is at the Italian Restaurant and Jane is working on the Chinese coin strips at the Bank of Beijing.
Margaret is working on the QAYG blocks at the Better Batting Mattress Co, (recycling plant).

Anna is getting needles threaded for tying the Yellow heartstring quilt. This one actually got finished to the point of sending home with my mom to finish hemming the binding.
Here is Muriel at the Emergency Medical Center, but she had no 'patients'... The quilt in front is at the Hog-Tied Deli, waiting to be tied.

Here is one of the new ladies that joined us, at the Strip club, cutting up strips of fabric for the Bank and the restaurant.
Here is the Founding Father's house where we cut up foundation blocks.
Nice design at the Post Office... sorting letters never got to be this much fun! 

One thing they all loved was the dessert! Sand cake!!. It's like dirt Cake, but you use pecan sandies, or sugar cookies to crush up for the top and you serve it in a pail vs. a long pan. It was delish!!

This is the lasagna quilt in progress.... all over the floor!

Marilyn was layering the lasagna and Anna (close) was sewing (sorting) coins for the cash drawer at the bank.

Lasagna quilt still getting layered.

This heartstring quilt was finished tying and the floral backing was to be wrapped around to the front for it's binding. This one had a home to be sent to as soon as it was done......All in all, the girls really did have a great time. I'm glad it's over though, because the day we did this was over 90 degrees!!! And the girls stayed to the end... thanks, ladies. We really did get so much done. Everyone agreed that we should do this (6 hr day) more often than once a year. Just not sure when we can get together. I'm planning the next one for early June.

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  1. It looks like you all had fun and were productive too! It's fun getting together in groups. If you wanted to meet more often maybe you could focus on just one would less work to organized and you'd still get a lot done.